Tuesday 3 December 2013

Favourite Xmas Traditions

I've created a number of new xmas traditions over the years, but there are three that rank as my favourites...

1. Advent Calendars.
When I was a kid, we got one of the paper ones. I loved it so much, the joy of discovering the little pictures behind each window. Because it was the '70's, we only ever got one. We would flatten down the windows and bring it out each year. I never grew tired of it. Of course nowadays, there are chocolate, Lego and even Playmobil ones, that give you a play set at the end. I have obtained 24 little Pokemon off eBay to fill an Ikea advent Santa. But my favourite of all, I got 10 years ago. Each year I put it together, put all the bits in the right boxes and over December a Christmas scene unfolds. All the kids bar one have lost interest in this calendar, so eventually I know the joy of this will just be my own private pleasure, but for now, I'm happy to share it with my daughter.

(It's only day 4 - there's not a lot to see yet)

2. The Hunter Valley Xmas Lights Spectacular.
For the last few years a group of us have headed to the Hunter to lounge by the pool then head over to a magical xmas light festival (discussed here & here). Alas this year, due to limited funds, we will skip it. Next year I'm determined to make it, before she gets too old. (Do you get to old? I didn't but apparently my kids did.)

3. This is an old tradition, that I still love. 100 years ago, we got this with a bucket of chicken. I still think it's the best xmas album ever. And I'm not being sarcastic. It is. I love it!

So there are my top three xmas traditions - what would make your list? 

Linking up this old post with #HappyTuesday as these make me very happy, and I'm very pleased to say we are booked in for the Hunter Valley Gardens Xmas Lights, and one of her classmate's family is joining us....(I love how the arrangement of the pieces is getting more imaginative with age)


  1. I have an Australian Idol advent calendar that we keep forgetting to open. It doesn't have lollies inside so it is not much of an attraction for the kids. Plus they have no idea what Australian Idol is.

    Your Colonel Sanders record is amazing - and it says "Kentucky Fried Chicken" as well! I see on Amazon that a mint copy condition is worth $198. A used copy is worth about $8. But, like Christmas, it shouldn't be about money. Just good music. And chicken.

    1. Our much loved copy is priceless. $8? That's bananas. I believe everything is about chicken. (insert obvious joke that I'm too scared to say incase I get sued)

  2. That is classic - the bucket! And what a wee treasure that house that unfolds is! We go with the hum drum chocolate advent calendars, we had them as a kid and were QUITE a treat, so happy to get away with this cheap option, I do try and teach them numbers so maybe I could say it's also education (yeah right) Another tradition is walking down our street to see a house that is light up for the council competition, it's great, we are so lucky to have it nearby! x Em

  3. Awesome!
    Advent Calendars, Lights and Music! That's all you need! Love it!

  4. Love your traditions Lydia. Advent calendars are certainly way more exciting than when I was a kid. My kids are too old for them now but we used to get one every year and they had to be kept in the fridge so the chocolate wouldn't melt. Funny how many times the kids would eat ahead a day or two :)

  5. I love these traditions! I love looking at the Christmas lights and I'll be sad when Dyllan decides that he's too cool for all of it.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge.

  6. My girls all want to do the Advent calendar this year but are refusing for the third year in a row to have Santa photos. I'm on the hunt now to find an Advent calendar that has quirky gifts inside or a really impressive top quality chocolate.

  7. We haven't done the advent calendar before as all the ones I have found have chocolate and I'm not keen to equate the lead up to xmas with sugar overload. This is sad but I live in the Hunter and I still haven't been to the xmas lights at Hunter Valley Gardens. I am hoping to get up there this year - but I say that every year, so who knows?

  8. Great Christmas traditions. We have a tradition of all gathering in our bed first thing for coffee and a box of Roses chocolates on any special day - Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  9. Love these traditions. We're having trouble getting in to the Christmas spirit this year but Dyllan has been bugging me for the last 2 months to put up the Christmas tree.

  10. Bringing up KFC apparently many Japanese think that is what Americans and Australians have for Christmas??
    We used to have the chocolate advents but one year my Aunt changed it up and brought in Advent boxes. She puts something in each box ranging from choc coins to little decoration projects to coloured ribbons that we have to find in the fridge or pantry. They were so much fun! We looked forward to them even as teens and rght up til we left home.

  11. I would love to go to the Hunter Valley, maybe next year!!

  12. I don't ever remember getting an advent calendar but I absolutely love the sound of yours! how lovely

  13. We always put up the tree on December 1 (or with luck, even earlier) with Christmas tunes a-playing and we finish off proceedings with a glass of port. And we always watch Love Actually on Christmas Eve. BEST!

  14. Open door to all our friends on Christmas Even for mulled wine and mince pies! #ChristmasLinkUp

  15. Lydia,

    Thanks for the share. I can't believe the holiday season is nearly underway. Of course, if you go in any store you'd swear it was Christmas already. :) I don't recall if we had a advant calendar when I was a kid and now to think of it I don' know that I did this with ours. Boy, my memory is shot! Anyhow, have a joyful Christmas season beginning now. ;)

  16. I'm going to miss it this year but since we've been married both sides gather at our house on Christmas Eve, we sing Christmas carols, play Christmas games and have a HUGE buffet. We will survive but I do miss it.

    We had the paper advent calendars, too. I still love paper Christmas cards. I know mail has become a thing of the past but I still have some family and friends that continue the tradition.

    Music is just so fun. I listen to all kinds of genres I never listen to the rest of the year.

  17. You have wonderful traditions. Christmas is such a magical time of year.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Lydia. ♥