Saturday, 14 December 2013

I must confess...I am stressing myself out!

So Christmas is on us, and I have a tonne of things to do - and I am fast running out of time to do them! Our days and nights are fully booked and I'm beginning to panic about timeframes and organisation.

Today was my sleep in and I woke at 5am and worked myself into a state. So of course I got up and wrote this instead of actually doing something that needs to be done. I am, indeed, part of the problem!

I know it's coming, so why don't I get it together earlier? Why do I over commit myself?

Anyway, the writing and the normal routine are going out the window for this month. Need to decorate the tree at some point today or it won't happen either!

One good thing that did happen (that makes me feel I have a fall back) - I won a voucher from Seana Smith for Butcherman, an online delivery butcher. I placed the order and the next day 2 weeks worth of meat arrived. I am very happy that at least I don't need to worry about that - so thank you Seana and thank you Butcherman.  (My partner was very impressed with the prices so you may have a convert). I am also thinking maybe I could place an order with Andy & Ted so that fruit and veg arrives on Saturday morning, when we are hung over and cleaning up after our party. I have discovered one of the problems with having kids, is you have to feed them, even if you can't be bothered.

Concluding in what my be may worst post ever*, I just wanted to say this is not sponsored, I'm just trying to reassure myself I can get it all done, if I get my act together and think outside the box.

Is anyone else beginning to freak out in the festive season? Do you have time saving tips? Do you want to come here and wrap some crap? Or shop for me?

PS Not a sponsored post but I wanted to thank Seana and Butcherman because I was so stoked at the bounty that arrived on Friday! (which is a sad reflection on my personality). I also drove to Broadway only to have to turn around because I couldn't get into the carpark - this is what has started my flipping out, and praise for home delivery.

*This really is opening the Pandora's Box of my head and 10 million panicked thoughts come flying out...

Linking up with I must Confess... (I have to put this up early because I have to be at the stupid swimming pool at 6.30 am to get my kids into swimming lessons at a new time! What on earth has my world become??!!)


  1. I'm trying not to stress about Christmas but must admit find myself snapping at loved ones every now and then so I know the stess is there - just trying to take a deep breath and go with the flow!

    1. You look very festive in that hat - that's very organised!!

  2. Oh God, you went to Broadway? Honey, you need an an intervention! I used to work across the road and my favorite Coles in the whole wide world is there but there is not money enough in the world that could make me go there this time of year!
    I hope you manage to get all the niggly little jobs done and are able to relax for your party xx

    1. It was nuts. I got partner to drop me there early on Sunday morning and stupid book shop didn't have what I needed for gift so ended up ordering it online on my phone while I stomped around. Went to a movie and was the best thing, came out calm and centred. Cinema works like meditation for me. All happy again and back on track...:)

  3. It's crazy really isn't it...we know this happens every year, we turn ourselves inside out, and yet we continue to do it year after year...and for what?
    Hope you manage to get yourself organised!
    good luck

  4. I've taken a more low-key approach this year and taking a step back has helped, although I have to admit we're lucky we're not as busy as we have been in recent years. Take a deep breath and try to take it as it comes - at least you have your protein needs all sorted out!