Monday 24 February 2014

First of the Month Fiction - March

Well, that was crazy. Where'd February go?

I had this great story in mind when I saw this in the street, walking to school.

However, I am not happy with the result, and can't seem to get it working in the word count:

He’d grown bored at the beach. There was never anything to do. He’d explored all the pools. He’d discover a new one, thrilled by tantalising possibility. Quickly enough, he’d see it was the same as the last. There was nothing for him here.

When the children scooped him up, he fought his instinct to escape, and sat in the bucket, nervous in anticipation of adventure. He’d never been with people before.

Finally they arrived and the children ran off. The mother unloaded the car, tossing the contents of the bucket into the street.

A moment later, the adventure was over.

So this month I've also done a 30 words or less story, which I like a little more:

The swarm came round the corner. Dave took aim at one, centred in his sight. It was Mr Grey, his history teacher. He was going to enjoy killing this zombie.

For new comers, far better examples are here. Write a story in exactly 100 words or less than 30. Story goes in comments, then link your blog so we can see your more verbose offerings too.

Have a wonderful March! (Time Marches on...hardyharhar)

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  1. That's quite a challenge Lydia. But you handled it well. x

  2. I wonder what that little guy was doing there, so far from home. Great effort with the crab story. You've done better than I ever could. As for the zombie one, everyone loves a zombie story.

  3. 30 words or less! That is a challenge. I want more of the zombie story - who wouldn't?

  4. Wow that is bizarre seeing a wee crab like that on the way to school! Love the zombie one, I'm quite a zombie fan x

  5. I"m with you - where DID February go ???????
    As always - you leave me wanting more of your story !!!!
    Have the best day.

  6. Sometimes it's much harder to write down your thoughts in less words than more! So hard to edit because we can have so much to say haha.. Well done you. I'll try out this exercise.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Wow, a story in som few words! What a cute little crab!

  8. Poor little crab, what a lousy adventure!
    February is my birthday month and I celebrate for a whole month. I really sucks that I am given far less days than people born in other months :(

  9. Yay!! First of the month fiction - here is my contribution ~

    She held onto her chest as she closed the door behind him. Catching her breathe, head bent low, she tried to find the calm. Instead it was a calamity of voices that screamed in her head. Her ego thrashing at her self-esteem demanding justification for the withering person she had become that day.
    Weak at the knees and heavy headed she fell onto the couch, slumped in misery. Her eyes were blank and shadows danced behind her. It was always the same. The predictability of it all felt like ice melting down her back. One day she would stop this.

    Josefa #teamIBOT

  10. What a cool challenge. I have always LOVED the classic Hemingway example. Here's my less than 30 words: The pain down his arm intensified as he watched her walk away. He thought she’d broken his heart, but in reality his heart had stopped beating several seconds earlier.

    1. I love this - I did not see it coming at all! Don't forget to link your blog!

  11. I like that little crab tale! My attempt less than 30 words:
    Her nail peeled away easily, brittle, tired. She had been a zombie for too long now. It was time. She swallowed that little blue tablet. This was the beginning.

  12. I love your first of the month fiction and I love challenging myself with it. Here's my 30 words or less contribution:

    She stared at the ceiling. Today would be different. It has to be. Today she would start to feel her legs again.

    1. ooh! Do tell.....Isn't it amazing that in so few words, you get a back story and an ongoing narrative...

  13. What a great idea! I would do this right now if my brain wasn't so dead after a big week at work!!! I'll just read everyone else's instead! xx