Sunday, 6 April 2014

I must confess I've never seen...

I've never seen Platoon, but I've watched Tropic Thunder a lot.
I've never seen the last 4 Harry Potter movies because the last one I watched was so boring I thought I might die. And I've never read the books.
I've never read 50 Shades of Grey and never intend to.
I've never watched or read Twilight. Vegetarian vampires? Plu-eaze!
I've never watched Madmen. But I might.
I am thankful I've never had to watch Glee or High School Musical, though I do love musicals.
I've never read Catch 22. I intend to.

So many popular culture books and movies that people constantly talk about, how is it possible to cover them all. Or even be interested in them all?

I've never seen lava fall into the ocean on Big island, or the heads on Easter Island. I've never seen the Great Wall of China or the mind boggling dunes of a true desert (Sahara or Atacama). Or the great vast expanse of ice at the poles, or the Northern Lights.

So many places in the world to visit, so many amazing things to see and do. Alas, so little time in a lifetime.

 "Regret, it piles up around us like books we haven't read" (Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit I have seen.)

What is missing from your popular culture knowledge?

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  1. I don't really like Harry Potter either. I've never been to Italy, Spain or Greece and I really want to go. You should most definitely watch Mad Men... lots of nostalgia from the 60s plus of course the delicious Jon Hamm

  2. I'm so behind the times that I went off prompt this week. I have read catch 22 and I would like to find the time to read it again.

  3. 50 Shades of Grey - thanks but no thanks. I haven't seen Mad Men either. I also haven't done much travelling but hoping that will change over the next few years!

  4. Yes never read 50 Shades, or watch High School Musical, or pretty much any American soap. I'm an ABC1 through 3 gal through and through. Never seen Priscella Queen of Desert!!

  5. Never read any of those either but I have read the whole Anne Of Green Gables series multiple times Priorities.

  6. My ex was obsessed with High School Musical...just one of the reasons he is now my ex.

  7. I love Tropic Thunder! I've never seen Platoon either but I am a lover of Harry Potter so I have all the books and have watched all the movies. Thankfully I have so far avoided High School Musical but with an 8 yo tween daughter I'm sure it's only a matter of time...thanks so much for linking up this week!

  8. yep! never had any interest or inclination to get caught up in the Harry Potter, or Twilight series...add to that The Matrix and Lord of the Rings!! Just not for me!!

  9. That's an eclectic list...
    *Platoon is brilliant but scarred my Yr 11 class (best film to show why not to go to war).
    *I will be ATTACKED but Harry P is for kids :)
    *Read the tiniest extract of 50 Shades (to learn what all the kerfuffle was about)- enough to know it was pure drivel...
    *Read half the first Twilight (to relate to teen daughter but didn't relate as couldn't finish it)
    *Madmen is worth watching but the characters are almost all awful (and so atmospheric)
    *Was bored in Catch 22 but then I'm easily bored...

  10. I've seen the first High School Musical movie, because I had an 8yo girl at the time, and it was played constantly (and it wasn't too bad!)

    Read Catch 22, it is a great book!

  11. Have no interest in Harry or the vampires, read the first 50 shades and totally regret the waste of time spent on that rubbish, try to avoid HS Musical, Platoon was good for its time but loved Tropical Thunder. Never been to Europe or alot of countries, only NZ, Fiji and Thailand (hope to change this).