Monday, 28 July 2014

First of the Month Fiction - August

The offering this month was the beginning of a longer story that I was trying to write for a competition but I just couldn't get it to go anywhere. I like the idea as a starting point but am a little directionless in where to go next (thus the clumsy car crash) and the characters weren't strong enough to carry it further. So it's rather inadequate, unfortunately, but may turn into something down the track - feel free to chuck an idea my's a fictional offcut:

We were driving home from school, and the kids were chattering merrily.

"Mummy, can I have some chocolate?" Olaf asked

"We don't have any, Sweetie"

"Yes we do. Daddy bought some at the shop"

Ruby pipped up angrily. "Shh, You aren't supposed to say anything!"

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

Ruby grinned proudly "Daddy got some chocolates to send to his friend but he didn't want you to know about it. So he told us to keep it a secret."

My mind spun circles for an instant, but the crunching metal and shattering of glass suddenly changed everything.

You know me, when in doubt, kill 'em off!

Newbies, rules & examples here (100 words exactly or less than 30). Everyone, put your stories in the comments and link your blogs so we can see your unrestricted glory.

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  1. Noooooo. No crunching glass ....
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. Bloody blogger is doing it's lose your comment thing again !!!!!!
    I am sorry - I would probably go with killing them all off but that's just because I can't think of anything else to do with them so you probably want to go with someone else's suggestion !!!
    Have the best week !
    Me xox

  3. NOOO you killed the wrong person, she wasn't the one cheating! Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT x

    1. Fair? Life is fair?? (Said with a broad grin)

  4. Replies
    1. hee, hee - after much mucking around (and going nowhere) I did have that moment when I thought 'ugh, you're boring me. I'll just kill you' and then I thought 'Man, that's a weird reaction...' ;)

  5. Ooh I like it. I think you can definitely do something with that down the track.

    1. yeah, I like it in theory, but I wasted about half a day going I've missed the Toowoomba comp :(

  6. Hmm it's hard to take it in a direction that isn't cliched and overdone, so I can see your dilemma. My brain is absolute mush lately so no end of the month fiction from me either.

  7. Wow. I did not see that coming! I really need to exercise my fiction writing muscle. I'm going to give this a go this month #determined.