Friday, 5 June 2015

Late to the party

I've been a little down lately, overwhelmed with life's little problems that seem to come thick and fast as you age...but then I stumbled across this band out of France and I can't tell you how quickly my mood lifts when I listen to this song from way back in 2012.

I defy you to not be elevated out of your Monday Mourning (I love that term), simply with a listen. You never feel happy, until you try....

There's a meme going around facebook that states "Music can cure things medication can't". While I don't agree with it completely, it certainly is one of the things that makes life so incredibly wonderful. Even Nietzsche thought along these lines, declaring “Without music, life would be a mistake.”  

I will not be joining in with the most annoying thing your partner did prompt of  #IMustConfess as I don't want to tempt hearing the long list of my equally annoying quirks!

(you can buy it on iTunes - C2C on the album Tetra)


  1. Love this! Music has always been a huge part of my life, why I'm the one that has dedicated weekly theme songs.

  2. That is a fab song - I love it! I truly believe that music is good for you and that it can lift you out of a bad mood. I know I'm happier when I have my favourite music playing while I work or exercise.

  3. We watched "Journey to the Mysterious Island" last night and one of the characters said that "music is nature's pain reliever" :-)