Sunday 7 June 2015

What we hate about facebook...

As soon as the topic of Facebook comes up, someone will pipe up with posts they hate. For some reason, things our friends like to post drive us mad. In no particular order, posts we hate on FB are:

1. Photos of kids. We hate people that constantly post photos of their kids and show off about their achievements. (How many times to we have to say they're cute?)

2. Photos of food. What are we even meant to say to that?

3. People who post about their exercise. It's no accident the article titled 'I got a fitbit and became a bore overnight' went viral.

4. Travel photos. Stop showing off.

5.  Selfies. How insecure are you, and why do I have to keep telling you that you look good?

Now all of the above, people hate. Yet, without a doubt, everyone one of us constantly posts at least one of these, if not more. So here's what we love to post on FB:

1. Photos of kids. We're so proud of them, and they're so cute.

2. Photos of food. We can't believe it turned out so well.

3. People who post about their exercise. It's a great way to get motivated and we're so proud of what we can do.

4. Travel photos. Is there anything more amazing than the big wide world, and how do you know where you want to travel to if you don't see where people go?

5.  Selfies. Scenery shots are boring, and I'm actually there.

What are your pet hates on FB, and what are you guilty of?

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  1. Without a doubt, the humble brag. I hate those posts. x

  2. I can't stand fitness posts and I cannot stand cryptic message posts like we're supposed to be able to read their mind.

  3. Hahah!! So true! Vaguebooking is a pet FB hate.. especially when someone just posts their emotion and hopes we'll ask ask what's up but then never tells us.
    *that-person* is feeling sad.

  4. Constant kids ones are no go for me. Yes a few but not every day... Maybe it's I just don't like my kids .. Lol.. Prefer a selfie.. Lol #mummymonday

  5. I figure that you're allowed to post whatever you like on your social media feed because that's what scroll was meant for! I never used to post pictures of food until a friend said how much they hated it once to often. Every so often I'll post pictures of something lovely we're having for dinner just for them. :D #mummymondays

  6. Oh the humble brag for sure! And vaguebooking! I know everyone bags out FB, but we all still use it don't we??