Friday 5 February 2016

I have never....

This list is easy, as I have a section on my blog where I set myself challenges and complete them (in you can see).

Torschlusspanik is the German word for 'the fear that time is running out. It's the panic you get when you realise you haven’t done very much in your life, and if you don’t act soon the ‘gate closes’.'

The list at present, a little dusty, stands at 19:

Torshlusspanik List:

1. Shooting (check)
2. Fencing (check)
3. Play croquet at Croquet Club
4. Laser skeet
5. Off road buggy driving
6. Play Assassins Creed
7. Jetpacking (check)
8. The Color Run (check)
9. Invent something
10. Cooking Masterclass (check)
11. Master a Masterclass (check)
12. Perform a rap song (check)
13. Trampoline adventure (check)
14. BMX Riding (check)
15. Do a cart wheel (check)
16. Ride an Electric Bike (check)

17. Astonish Myself
18. Write a book*.
19. Participate in a distance event (check)

I think I better get on with some of them - otherwise I'll get torschlusspanik about torschlusspanik....(you can read the details exploits on all these under the torschlusspanik label)

What have you never done?

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  1. Gawd Lydia, I haven't done 16 of those things on your list. I definitely have Torswhatever!

  2. You're an adventurous little soul, aren't you? Good luck ticking off the rest of that list xo

  3. You are beating me - Jet packing looks amazing but I'm still not keen.
    Torschlusspanik Trish ! my new nickname.

  4. Wow! I love this list. I must confess that I had seen the word torschlusspanik on previous posts but I was too scared to admit I didn't know what it meant (and obviously too lazy to look it up!). I think now I've officially hit middle age I need to come up with a similar list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love your list! I'm not as adventurous as you, but I do love that you are taking life by the horns and going for it!

  6. I totally forgot about this ...Torschlusspanik Trish !