Friday, 5 February 2016

Monkey Madness


The Lunar New Year celebrations are upon us and the city is festooned with red lanterns, lucky packets and fire monkeys! One of our family's favourite celebrations is to head to the annual Lunar Markets at The Star and so on Thursday night we did! They've a dim sum lucky dip and we managed to score ourselves a free Messina ice cream and a Zumbo macaroon, as well as have an easy, festive dinner by the water, and watch a lion dance.

The kids went with Vietnamese cuisine and I opted for Chinese from The Century. Alas I had to miss the bar, but it would be a lovely way to knock back a few beers by the water or in the pop up theme bar.

A decade in, I've just discovered one of my children is not a cheeky monkey as I've always thought, but in actual fact a goat, by 3 days! Don't go by the year if you are Jan/Feb birthday, people! This site has a calculator which works out the full date.

Happy New Year, everybody!!

Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival?

Pierced Wonderings


  1. I dont normally celebrate it - but now I am curious as to what I am. What a sec.... OK I am an OX. I did not know that.. although I have been called a bull in a China shop so it figures lol xx

  2. I was told I was born in the year of the Tiger. Great series of photos!

  3. Looks like this would be fascinating to see.
    Thank you for sharing at

  4. Looks like fun. Sydney is a town that knows how to throw a party.

  5. It looks like fun but no, we don't celebrate that here in Kentucky! Teresa from

  6. Looks fun! We haven't been yet..and we do celebrate it in a quasi way.

  7. It does look like a whole lot of fun.

  8. I was there Dragon boat paddling last year. It's so festive.

  9. Great photos! Stopping by from Photo Friday and hoping you'll join up at Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) here:

  10. I've just realised my son was born in a monkey year. I remember the noise of the dragon procession I saw in Sydney years ago. Definitely something to see.

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