Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A visit to Santa #ChristmasLinkUp

It seems very early to be wrapping up the Christmas posts but I just realised I would be shutting the blog next Friday so there'd be no use in hosting the link up next week. First of the Month Fiction will go live next Friday and stay open for the next six weeks, until my return in February. There will be plenty of Christmas pics on my Insta over the next few weeks though.

We ventured into the city for our annual pilgrimage to see Santa and the Nativity. Only one child accompanied me, which was sad in itself as I am reminded soon enough it will be a solo visit to view the David Jones windows for me. Life moves on, bringing both the good and the bad (or sad).
My daughter was devastated that Myer had changed their 'ride on' train (but after a decade, I guess they thought it was time). We however, LOVED the Nerf gun shooting range - I know, nothing says Christmas like racking up points shooting at targets.

These felt gift bags at David Jones are gorgeous!

She wrote and posted a letter to Santa and then we headed over to David Jones for the free balloon. Last but not least, were the gorgeous Gingerbread Man's escapade, both in film and animated window. It was lovely to see my daughter's face light up in wonder and joy at the magical excitement. She definitely dreamed of sugar plums in her bed that night. Which reminds me, I must dig out the Christmas Story books.... 

Do you have Christmas traditions? Do you feel sad as the kids outgrow them? Will you continue to do them when the children give up on them?

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. I so miss having little ones to share Christmas traditions. Mine are all grown and probably your age with children of their own so they now have their traditions. I have gotten to enjoy the grandbabies over the years, and they love doing crafts with grandma, but even they have grown away from that. I have one left that moved back from California so now I get to share crafts with her. She's five. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles