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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Random Photos

As I'm cleaning out my phone, I came across these photos that I like but really have no idea what to do with, so am sharing them here for the photo themed link ups.

While this isn't a perfect shot, I like the reflected fireball

I love the perfect sphere of this flower. Whenever I go to delete the photo, I can't quite commit to the act of finality and losing it forever.

Found this set up in the shower one day - it still makes me smile

I love the glowing light in this one, and the man walking into some mystical void.

I think it's just the symmetry of this one that appeals.

This one is my child's light reflected in the window. I adore the floating ghostly head in the black.

Do you have photos you just can't bring yourself to delete?

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  1. I have photos that my husband would like to delete!

  2. I'm forever finding a million photos my son has taken on my phone. There are usually a fair few blurry shots but there's also some total gems of random things, I can't bring myself to delete any of them. I feel like they're a little peak inside his head. 💙

  3. A great way to save some beautiful photos

  4. Some really beautiful photos

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Those are all great. I especially love the first one.

  6. Some lovely photos thanks for sharing :-)

  7. they are great shots all of them :)

  8. My favs are the fireball and the flower. Glad u kept them

  9. That second to last image is my favourite. I bet it would amazing in black and white


  10. What a great idea for a post and I am glad you shared these shots with us they deserved to be seen. I love the first one of the boat on the lake 💕 Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot 📸

  11. I post random photos quite often because I think so many things are worth remembering on their own. I like your randomness. They all have their own beauty and story to tell.