Sunday, 26 May 2019


Highlight of the night - you blow the bubble and the colours change. Fun and Gorgeous.
Went for a VIVID dinner that implied promised views, however our table was away from the windows. While we could watch the Bridge and Luna Park, it was partial obscured by other diners. I did walk over when tables emptied to take photos, but the experience would have been far superior had we had a better table. We did ask to move forward to an empty table for dessert but that was left for a pending booking (who failed to show by the time we left at 9.45 so I suspect was never coming, however maybe someone was booked for 10 pm on a Sunday night. And to be fair there did seem to be second sittings on all the other window tables, so maybe it was just bad luck).

This was quite beautiful! Photo doesn't do justice.

The food was okay and you got matching wines, so I guess price wise it was good value - cheap for a three course meal, and if you got a window table, worth doing for something different. Service was not good however - 30 mins before our welcome drink arrived and order taken. Matching wines arrived mid course, not with the new course. But let's suppose that was just a one off for us, rather than their standard.

However, the most disappointing was the glittering view of the city. The colours of VIVID this year a are muted. The waitress pointed out that last year it was so bright and dazzling, and this year they've gone less bright as the theme is interactive, so you need to be down amongst it. I did think our walk thru the Rocks was more impressive so she may be onto something. I must also say that Luna Park looks great.

You know how much I love VIVID, so I'm not prepared to write it off just yet. Will be back soon to check it out up close...More picks and hopefully a cheery post to follow.

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  1. What a shame you were disappointed with the VIVID dinner, of course you need to be able to see it all. The idea of VIVID sounds amazing. Where does it take place? #GlobalBlogging

    1. Sydney. 3 week festival. I'm back again tomorrow night for some lights and a talk about Digital Distraction...oh the irony! Ha!

  2. How uniquely gorgeous, though. Visiting you from the global bloggin link up.

  3. Wow! These are awesome lights! The peacock is just extraordinary!!


  4. Your link is a great part of 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for joining us.
    My Corner of the World

  5. You got some fantastic shots even if the overall expereince was a bit disappointing and muted. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging