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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

First of the Month Fiction - January

Again I am getting in early, as I am scared of mucking up the linky thing.  I hope everyone one has/had a swell night for the New Year Celebration and heads aren't to sore for writing or at least reading today (if it is indeed New Year's day when you stumble across this).

For those that haven't heard, there are two categories - Exactly 100 words or less than 30 words. (see here for rules and examples). Post your stories in the comments section then link your blog in the linky thing so we can all subscribe or read more!

My friend, Sue Howard, author of Leaning Towards Pisa offered up this one in the 100 words:

A sharp sunlight beams through the taxi windscreen.  The driver blinks and turns to his passenger, a young woman with long, fair hair ... a tourist perhaps, or a student.
My wife has gone, he tells her.
Oh, she says, uncertainly.
Yes.  She ran off with my best friend.
Oh, the girls says again.
But I still have my mother, he goes on.  What all's said and done, who else in the world really matters?
The girl glances down, and when she looks up there is a tear the size of a small chickpea rolling down her cheek.

Mine is of the less than 30 this time:

I read the sign. "If you read this, you will soon know what I did. But not for long. Vale".

See December offerings here, and please give it a go below. I have a brilliant idea (I can say that cos it's not actually my idea and it is brilliant, but I need to get up some contributors first...stay tuned)

You have a month to prepare for the next one, and then I might reveal my great plan...

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