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Sunday, 2 December 2012

I must confess I am not organised enough...

...for I must confess, for this pending festive season, for all the end of year school things that need to be done, for just life in general.
I have wheels spinning but no traction. I have articles long over due, appointments to make and people to catch up with, and just not enough time (or I suspect discipline to remain focused on prioritizing).
I seem to have lost my triage.
Usually, I send ALL my xmas cards out on the first of December. I've written 10 but not addressed even those.
Usually I've got my shopping sorted, and wrapped! Not even close.
I don't know what's prompted the unravelling but my current aim now is to enjoy what's on and not let the guilt distract me...
Short and sweet, will try to be more on top of things next week...but no promises!

I wrote this two years ago, and it is still applicable, 24 months later. Way to improve! Yay me! Except, this year I'm not bothering to send xmas cards (I've already mentally made that call!)
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  1. Lydia, I hear you, loud and clear! I don't know what's happened to me this year either, but I am nowhere near where I need to be. I am seriously considering not doing Xmas cards at all - I've never contemplated not doing them before. Glad I am not the only one off their game this year! I will also do my best to just enjoy the silly season rather than focus on all the things I think I should be doing. Thanks again for linking up with I Must Confess! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  2. I was probably like this last year and I am definitely like this this year !!!
    We are in a class of our own - good company is great !
    Have the best day !

  3. Seems to be my perpetual state at the moment...ahhh. But as you say, if we're all inthesame boat,it's like a party cruise....

  4. I keep telling myself that I have plenty of time when in reality I really don't. I'll just go back to putting my head in the sand I think...someone let me know when Christmas is over.

  5. Me too... I don't even want to write down my to do list, it's dauntingly long. I think the two children thing is exhausting me. And the not sleeping more than 5 hours a night. Gotta do something about that...

    Ps. Love that you send xmas cards, I have to go buy mine soon too!

  6. I'm still in the same boat this year - it's very, very sad! Love that this was your first confession post - love having you as a regular Lydia!

  7. I'm like that this year. I'm kind of hoping xmas is cancelled and we can just move on.

  8. I'm always shockingly disorganised. Knowing that I have Asperger's and that impairment in executive function is part of it helps me understand why but doesn't help with actually changing it to make my life easier. Sigh.

    I seriously tried to cancel Christmas but nobody listened! HMPH.

  9. 'I've lost my triage' is a brilliant way of putting it! I know the key to all of this is good time management and prioritisation, but it really gets thrown at you from every angle at this time of year. Good luck getting through to January :)

  10. I'm slowly getting organised for Christmas, purely for budgeting purposes - we have lots of little cousins and it generally gets too pricey if I don't buy things on sale. I love that your post from two years ago still applies today ;) Cheers for linking up with The Lounge!

  11. I'm still struggling to accept that summer is over let alone getting organised for Christmas!