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Monday, 17 December 2012

What I learnt from Life of Pi

Last night, I was lucky enough to get along to Life of Pi, early preview screening thanks to Nuffnang. Having seen the ad, I thought it looked visually rich, and in 3D it really was sensational. (I tend to complain about what a waste of time 3D is, but this time, in a couple of key moments, it really takes the film to the next level visually). I'd not read the book, but the story is enchanting with a lot of messages to leave with and think about or discuss (but read on, I won't cover them here!)

Now there are some big lessons to talk about but for spoiler sake, I won't. So until the rest of you get out to see it, here's what I learnt (through pondering issues raised):

1. The uncle who saw the world via their pools. This is as good a reason to travel the globe as any other. I loved the simplicity of it, yet they would all be different, with a feel of the country where it's located. I've been pondering if I have a similar trait, as I've been to lots of weird and wonderfully odd places around the globe but no theme seems to run through my visits. This idea appeals to me though, so the travel blog might start running on a theme...stay tuned for rebranding.

2. Pick and Mix Religion (no offense meant to anyone, just exploring an idea from the film). I love the idea that you can honour not only your God but other Gods (as your God introduced you). I love that as a child he can see the good points of all religions. Perhaps there is a lesson of tolerance for us all.

3. Bananas do float. I did the experiment. Photo proof.
 For those that have read the book, or seen the film, you will understand the enormity of what that says about my personality. Such a wonderful film and a story with so many messages, and I came away from it with a burning desire to see if bananas did float or not. What can I say? I love science and I'm pedantic.

Alas, I really can't elaborate on more as it will ruin the film...and I hate that more than anything! So rush out and see it so we can talk about it some more...

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  1. Found your blog as I was also at a screening last night - love that you tested the banana! I was wondering about that :)