Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First of the Month Fiction - March

No guesses where my slightly cliched offering comes from this month...

The Gift

As they embraced, he handed her a small box, neatly wrapped with a ribbon. “I love you” he said. “I’m going to miss you so much.”
She smiled and her heart swelled. She put the gift in her handbag as tears came to her eyes.
“I won’t be gone that long. I’ll be back Monday.”
Later, as she sorted through her possessions on the plane, preparing for the long flight ahead, she remembered his little present.

“Shortly after take off the bomb ripped through the fuselage, tragically killing all 300 passengers and crew on board. Scott Lynn reporting for CBN."

For those that want to join in, write a short story in either EXACTLY 100 words (title not counted in word count) or LESS than 30 words - examples here. Post your story in the comments, then link your blog to the linky thing, so we can see more of your excellent creative work at it's best.


  1. NIce one! I love well done. The ending is just awesome. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  2. This is awesome - might have to put my thinking cap on :)

  3. Oh I'd love to join in if I didn't still have my befuddled parent of a baby who's been up all night cap on. Will do one soon, I promise :)

  4. Please do. I'll keep doing it anyway, cos I like doing it...but please do join in should you feel inclined...