Tuesday, 12 February 2013

St Valentine's Day - A musical gift with something for everyone

On this day of hearts and flowers, I've put together a little musical offering for those interested. Feel free to skip to what applies to your mood or situation...

My first is for the true romantics, of the undying love style. For those that can't be bothered watching and listening, it's Sondre Lerche, My hands are shaking....

For the more realistic and pragmatic, I've got the humourous Zevon's ode Looking For the Next Best Thing and perhaps the more damaged but still romantic (to me, which may be saying more about me than I realise) Eicher's Two People (forgive the terrible clip, it was recorded in 1984 or something)

Zevon has no clip, alas :( Get past the daggy intro and the lyrics make me smile everytime.

And while not a traditional Valentine's Day song, I challenge anyone not to feel better after this one...(warning on the swears tho)

Happy Valentines Day everyone, no matter what you do! (and now you can't say no one gave you anything!)

Please feel free to post your musical ontributions below...

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