Sunday, 3 February 2013

Someday maybe you can! (Jetpack adventures)

In my other gig I got to review Sydney Jetpack Adventures - something I didn't know existed, and something I'd wanted to do since I was child. (Discussed here).

I headed down bright and early a few weeks back to the pretty and serene Olympic Regatta centre. I was keen but as the equipment was explained to me, I started to get scared. I tend to forget I'm not that adventurous.

I took off with little trouble, and really enjoyed winding around the lake.

I would like to say that was me, but alas I would get scared as soon as my feet left the water or the jets hit my feet (it didn't hurt, it just made me aware I was getting higher, and I'd panic). I was a lot more like this:

The punter that came after me, not a little old lady like myself, took off two stories high in the first 20 minute session - he was a natural. He made me feel the need to push myself a little more on my second turn (you can already see it coming, can't you?).

Alas, I should know by now my limited capabilities in the co-ordination department. I took to the air, soared briefly then backflipped and shot head first into the water shrieking all the way. I am proud that my first thought underwater was "I hope that they got that on camera!". Alas, the 'would have been hilarious footage' was never taken, as they were changing cameras at the time.

Ironically, the spectacular crash was the closest I got to the real speed and height of the jetpack's capabilities. It was also the highlight for me, for while it was accidental, it was also fun, and I wouldn't have pushed myself to go that high or fast by my own volition, and the guys running it were not the kind to push you too much (though the speed operator did sneakily increase the throttle when he thought I wouldn't notice, and I didn't).

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Would I do it again? In a flash! Would I do it differently? I'd like to think I'd be more daring and more confident, but realistically, that's not me. I'd still be cautious, tentative and fearful. You know what? I'm okay with that. The point of the Torshlusspanik list is not really to change myself, it's to discover new things, some I'll like and some I won't, because at this age, the only failure can be not being happy with who I am.

Torshlusspanik List:
1. Shooting (check)
2. Fencing (check)
3. Play croquet at Croquet Club
4. Laser skeet
5. Off road buggy driving
6. Play Assassins Creed
7. Jetpacking (check)
8. The Color Run (in training)
9. Invent something
10. Cooking Masterclass (check)

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  1. You are much braver than myself - I don't think I could do that as much as I like to think that I am getting adventurous in my old age, I don't know if I am that adverturous !!
    Thank you so much !!!!! I'll mail you the link to my page later today. Please don't feel obliged or anything - it all counts towards the final goal for MS.
    Have the best day !

    1. please do (send email) and I am not brave at all! That's the funniest part. I hate heights!

  2. That looks like fantastic fun! Would loved to have seen your backflip :)

    1. I really am disappointed not to get it captured on film - it really was quite wild and very, very funny....

  3. Oh, I didn't even know you could do that... is it in Sydney??!! Must try for my blog!! My teens would love this and I'm sure I would too in a mature mothery kind of way.

    What's your other gig??!!

    1. That was my reaction when I found out about - how is this in Sydney and I've never heard of it??!! It's so much fun. I got to do it for, to review it. I think you have to be over 18 or 16 with parental consent.

    2. Hello again, I must get in touch and try this out. Do you run Weekend Notes as well??

    3. Not run, just write for them. I'm getting a portfolio together of different styles, and earning some money at the same time...and doing free things. And hopefully alerting people to good stuff that's on and around town...

  4. I saw this on Sunrise this morning and shared it on my facebook page and Amanda from Cooker and A Looker sent me your way to check it out!!

    How awesome!!!! I would absolutely love to try this!!! It sounds like you had a great time!

    I also love the look of your Torschlusspanik list!! As an honourary German I love your use of the word!! :)

  5. I love that word - it sums up the feeling precisely. English can be an inadequate language at times.
    So much fun...worth doing!

  6. I have never heard of this but it sounds amazing!
    Having said that I would probably be overly cautious myself and not go too high, or do exactly what you did :)

  7. oh you are way braver than me - I'd enjoy the jetpacking flying around bit but the thought of landing in the water would do me in.

  8. That looks awesome, definitely one for my list of things to-do! But at the top is skydiving again - I can't wait until I can afford to do it :) Emily

  9. Your 10x braver than me. I would be to scared to even try it! it does sound like fun though!

  10. That looks incredible!
    Congratulations for getting out there and tackling yet another thing on your list!!
    Can't wait to read about the Colour Run adventure when it happens
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  11. I am so like you...your experience here reminds me of every thing that I have undertaken when it takes courage. Except, when it comes to doing it again...I would usually say no thanks, I've already done it :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now via #ibot