Wednesday 25 June 2014

I suck at...

After last week, I think I can officially say I suck at hosting the Lounge. I was so excited, I wanted to make sure I didn't sleep in. I wrote my post early, and somehow published it accidently so that when you went to find it, it was hidden...Argh!

The other thing I seem to be sucky at, is thinking of a song that fits the theme "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" (but not that song). So any suggestions are welcome - but upbeat, not mopey.

And tipping the World Cup, I really suck at that. My tips for round of 16 is soooo wrong, and I am languishing way down the bottom (with over 100 people in front of me, many of them children!)

Lastly, I have a giveaway, so head over here if you are after a $50 Big W voucher, and more of this witty repartee.

Linking up with an apology to the lovely ladies at the Lounge.


  1. But you got it right in the end with the link up so don't be too hard on yourself - pretty sure I'd have gone off half cocked too AND probably failed to have put it right ;-) - Cant think of any songs that fit but I'm pretty sure Dolly Parton will have sung something that will! The World cup had ceased to exist here in England and we are all far too embarrassed to even THINK about it ;-)

  2. Where did my comment disappear to ??????????????????

  3. OK- trying again. Original comment went something like this ....
    I think the children may be higher up the comp because they would probably have based their choices on the colours or what they know about the country whereas you would have based you tips on the form of the team (I am presuming that is how you tipped them of course !!!) - whatever - it's only the World Cup - nothing important really !!! LOL
    Have the best day anyway !
    Me xox

  4. Don't worry Lydia I really suck big time at all things bloggy. I wouldn't even know how to host a link-up. At least I am making an appearance this week. I'm totally over the World Cup and soccer and in general.

  5. Oh man, is the world cup still on? I suck at caring about soccer. I mean football.

  6. You did a fine job hosting The Lounge and you'll definitely be invited back! X

  7. Oh, I'll have to checkout your Lounge post :) Sounds like you did a great job.

  8. No need to apologise at all! We all make mistakes...hell the week before that I forgot to add in the linky!