Thursday 12 June 2014

If money were no object....

I'm very excited to be hosting my first ever link up with The Lounge! I've cleared some space for you all, and even put on some nibbles and drinks (or coffee and croissants, depending on the time you choose to join me here). So kick off your shoes and grab a spot on the lounge with me...Tell me, what would you do if money was no object?

I wouldn't change that much about my daily life - I wouldn't move but I might buy a weekender somewhere that we could duck off to and share with friends. I might put a bowling alley and pin ball machine in the basement (I'd also have to put in a basement), and I might actual do a renovation so the kids didn't have to share a room...but I probably wouldn't, out of laziness, rather than expense.

I wouldn't change their schools from public to private and I don't think I'd even go and buy new clothes.

I would, however, finally see some of those destinations that cost a bomb for a family of 5 to visit (oh, that's right, that's everywhere!). I would see this:

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and then this:
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and of course, what I dream about most at the moment, this:

And I would throw some monster parties, at harbour venues or on beaches with caterers and host huge movie nights hiring an outdoor cinema and book weekends away on islands with friends and their families. (Call me Kanye.)

While thinking about all my heart desires, I realised I already have a lot of it. It's not grand but it is what I need to be happy. And that realisation is worth more than anything money can buy!

It would be nice to know I would never need to worry about money, and it would be fantastic not to have to worry about these proposed changes to University fees (I would hate for my kids to have to carry a $120,000 debt from such a young age, ensuring they could never buy a house or flat in Sydney). I guess it would be nice to buy them all a house, because down the line that will only ever be for the truly wealthy, at least in this city...but that's all the pipedream stuff. For now, I've got what I need, and it's just about wants...and that's a blessed way to be.

Very excited to be hosting the Lounge this week, so please join in with your plans, if money was no object! (I've gone early in case I sleep in after the 2am start tomorrow! Go Aussies!!!)

Linking up with the Lounge right here!!


  1. I am the same as you, wouldn't change much. It would be nice to have no financial worries.
    I would love to see the northern lights, I will fly there in my private jet!!

  2. I think it would definitely be nice to at least not have to worry about money. Those places you would love to visit are awesome.

  3. This has really got me thinking - what would I REALLY want if money were no object ...

  4. I would do all those things. And I would just secure our futures. It would be awesome.

  5. I wouldn't change a great deal either... Or so I like to think! Big cheers for hosting The Lounge! X

    1. That is a good point. Maybe I just think I wouldn't change much but maybe I'd get lured into that lifestyle...