Saturday, 4 October 2014

Don't get caught up in the numbers...

Goldilocks and the two bears.

Snow White and the two dwarves.

Sometimes two isn't right.

Anyone who has left a bad relationship knows that one isn't always the loneliest number in the world.

If you're throwing a party, two might be a little depressing...

We have two eyes, two ears but only one heart and one brain.

Numbers are only a description of quantity, so any judgement is projected onto it by yourself or others. "I have two wonderful kids" or "You only have two kids?" The kids are the same, the number is the same but the statement and implied meaning is different.

Ultimately, we are all different. We are, in fact, unique. We may want our situation to change. We may be perfectly happy as we are. The numbers involved are rarely the issue.

Plato said "A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers". With all things in life, don't get caught up in the numbers...

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  1. Very wise and thought provoking as always. I've never thought of it that way, but you're right. It's all very subjective. What is a decent number for some, is not for others for whatever reason.

  2. Loved this! And timely for me. Kx

  3. Numbers can be used for and against us. I agree about one not always being lonely, Lydia.
    Obviously this was a case of two great minds..... ;)

  4. Oh yes. So true. I'd never given two so much thought before. Thank you for sharing! Zanni x

  5. Coming from a reporting background and always having to analyse numbers, I know how rubbery they can be and how they can be presented in different ways to tell opposing stories. As long as you are content with the numbers, don't let others be the judge x

  6. Reminds me there are always two sides of a story, probably more. We are all different, therefore have different ways of interpreting the same things.

  7. Yep numbers should not have the power to define, disgrace or degrade anyone. They are just numbers! Welcome back lovely xx

  8. YES !!!! So, to all those people who asked "Are you only having one child ?" implying that we were doing the wrong thing I'm saying "YES - we have one wonderful child who we wouldn't (most of the time) swop for another and NO we are not having anymore" !!!!!
    I wish I had read this 22 yrs ago. Have the best week and good luck with getting the children back to school this morning !
    Me xox

    1. Done and done (and thanks) - now to get some food in the house!! Hope you had a good long weekend.

  9. Awesome post Lydia! So wise and true. Thanks so much for sharing and joining in with #thankfulthursday.