Monday 27 October 2014

I Wonder

I was at the Rodriguez concert the other night, and I was struck with a thought when he sang the lyrics:

"And I wonder about the soldier that dies.
 I wonder will this hatred ever end"

I thought how funny it was that he became the soundtrack to the movement against apartheid in a country so far away, and he was totally unaware of it until well after the fact. Then I started thinking about how no one would have ever thought that apartheid was going to end, no matter what they did to try and bring change. Certainly Nelson Mandela would never have believed he was going to become the Prime Minister of the country and revered across the globe, as he sat there for much of his life in that tiny prison cell.

Then the big thought hit me. Maybe we are looking at things all wrong? That feeling that the issues are so overwhelming that we may as well not bother. All the problems of the world can be fixed - the poverty, terrorism, climate change, ebola, cancer, the wars, all of it. Nothing is insurmountable, it will, eventually come to pass.

So maybe we need to see our tiny actions as one part of a movement, that the numbers swell and the action is a surge that can eventually create change. Rosa Parks wasn't the one and only protestor of the day. There were thousands, all individuals making small stands. Her's was picked by the media to showcase, and thus we all know it nearly 60 years on. Not in any way diminishing her bravery, I'm just pointing out she was part of a movement, even if it wasn't planned that way.

I went to bed composing this post in my head, but in the morning, I decided it was too rambling and didn't bother writing it. Then I received this in my email:

"There are people who change the world everyday… People like you."

So I took that as a sign and sat down and wrote. Let's stop being overwhelmed by the problems in the world and lets fix this thing!

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If you haven't heard the story, get the film Searching For Sugarman from the video shop (or download on whatever you legally do that on).


  1. How interesting, I might need to case My Journey, Am I there yet?!

  2. I think it is hard to lose this perspective when the problems seem so overwhelming - but it is the best perspective to have. Small steps, together, can make the change we all strive for. And even if we don't take those steps ourselves, sharing the stories of those who do - is part of the solution xx

  3. You are so right - we can all make a difference in some way even if at the time the problem seems insurmountable. A bit like the ripple effect.
    Thank you for the plug - I'm so glad to hear that the TFTD inspires you to post on your blog sometimes.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox
    PS- meant to tell you the other day, I have one of my wombat pictures in a loop as my screen saver and I think of you when he pops up !!

  4. Such a great quote. So true.

  5. I am probably going to misquote slightly but it was the Dalai Lama who said that if you think that you are too small to make a difference, then try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.

    1. I've heard that one before! It's an awesome quote :)

  6. After reading Always Josefas post today there is something we can all do to make a difference.

  7. I have a similar quote on my fridge. It's inspiring Lydia and as usual so is your post :)

  8. I love this, it's so true that many of the great things in the world have been achievements by lots of little movements.

  9. This post reminded me of that song 'from little things big things grow'. I think every little thing we can do does help. There's no harm in trying to make a difference. What we think won't change much might have a bigger impact than we think.

  10. I'm reminded of the Gandhi quote - 'be the change you wish to see in the world'. You never know just what effect all those little things might have :)

  11. I think I am meant to know this Rodriguez guy. A couple of women at tennis yesterday were talking about him, and I'd never heard of him??? Now here's your blog post. hmmmm.....sign acknowledged!

  12. I believe there is way too much scare mongering going on right now, we all just need to reset our thinking and let changes start with us!

  13. Beautiful insight.. sometimes I just feel so insignificant and small in this huge world but thankfully, every time I see my little girl, I know I'm at least one of the most significant person to her.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  14. I was so blown away by Rodrigez's story. Loved the documentary.
    So wish I had seen his concert but tickets sold soooo quickly!
    And yes, so true. We can all do our little bit to make this place better for others and for ourselves.

  15. Gosh, wish I had never been away. Forgot how much I missed your thoughtful posts. I am so not there yet....but I will be :)

  16. That movie sounds good and one I'd like to see. I'll have to look for it :)

  17. Thanks for linking up with Sunshine Sunday

  18. Hello Lydia, I agree with you that every 'little' action helps towards changing things, even big overwhelming things in our world. Eventual change is definitely made up of little components of movements that can go back years. We must standing up for what we believe in whatever way we can, even when changing things looks impossible; history definitely supports this. It's helpful to remember in those overwhelming situations that, 'this too will pass'; no human activity lasts forever in the world! #SunshineSunday