Monday, 1 December 2014

2014 in Review

This year has been crazy with plenty of good but unfortunately it's fair share of bad. But such is life, as they for my year in review, I'm picking off the blog and finding my pretty pics I that make me smile:

1. A big personal highlight was when I made the long list of the Hunter Writers Centre short story competition and got my story published.

2. My partner and I had a long overdue holiday away to Singapore for the Grand Prix (for me) and Berlin for the Marathon (for him) WITHOUT KIDS. It was fabulous and we definitely made the most of it, and had a lovely time reconnecting. I will treasure that always - not to mention I absolutely loved Berlin, and thought the people were fabulous and the city is cool and beautiful. Singapore I've visited plenty over the last few years (Thanks Scoot) so it's like a second home at the moment but at GP time, it truly shines.

3. Our family holiday included Siem Reap, and I discovered a love for this city, and found I really changed as a result of this trip. The lesson learnt at the Landmine Museum really altered the way I see the world, and how I see my role in it.

4. My youngest started school and I am stretched across three schools and failing a little to keep up. (My diary has the words 'presentation day' written on Monday and Tuesday but not for which child or at which school).

5. The kids are wonderful, and continue to delight and bring light into my day but being a parent can suck in so many ways. It's hard to reconcile the two truths at time.

6. Weekends away are good for my sanity. Sometimes I surprise myself. Having wondered why we would go to Thredbo out of ski season, I had a great weekend and we all had fun together. Sometimes you need to ignore your attitude.

7. I am currently trying not to let things get me down, but I am sinking a little. I am grateful to those that are accommodating my crappiness and not pressing me when I pull out, but continuing to be patient. I am also happy with friends who know not to ask me too much.

8. I only crossed off one thing from my Torschlusspanik list this year - and only set myself two challenges. This is a loss in my quality of life, so I will set that as a New Year Resolution and try to reinvigorate my lifestyle again.

9. My piece on Siem Reap on my travel blog was translated into German. I am very proud of this and I feel good that my effort to promote the NGOs is now in two languages.

10. I get a lot out of my blog, from the community that reads it, and very occasionally, some money. As finding suitable paid work has been harder than I imagined, this keeps me busy and is great for my self esteem. Positive pats on the back from bloggers I consider far more popular and talented than myself, really make my spirits soar. Writing these reflective posts help me keep my focus on the good things I've done in the year. If you aren't writing a year in review, I suggest a 'proud moments' post is worth a try.

I would also like to thank those that have joined in First of The Month Fiction over the year. I love reading your work and seeing just what can be done in a short, short story.

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  1. This is a great idea and I love the recap of all you and your family have been up to in the past 12 months.
    Sending heaps of hugs your way as you deal with everything in your life - I'm here if there is anything I can do to help.
    With love
    Me xox

  2. That is a whole lot of gorgeousness ther to smile about hun and I truly believe that its the crappola that makes those good moments seem even more beautiful xx

  3. What a beautiful post! Congratulations on all your achievements this year, getting published must feel so great. Always good to focus on the good during bad times.
    Fauna Lou xx

  4. Lovely post!!! I love the idea of figuring out how far you have come in a year including the good and the bad! Gorgeous pics too!

  5. Lydia! I love this post. So much to be thankful for in this. You've had some real highlights this year with your book being published and not to mention those amazing trips. Wow! I can imagine juggling three different schools would be quite the nightmare. You must be exhausted. I think we all are. If we don't 'chat' before Christmas, have a wonderful one and thank you for your support this year.

  6. Good on you for your short story publication - sorry I missed that news during the year. Sounds like you've had some lovely travel experiences amidst the things that challenge you (and as you say, how wonderful travel, particularly to third-world countries) is sooo good for our perspective on life.

  7. Big year for you Lydia! Good on you for having your work published, you so deserve it. And hun, 3 different schools!!! You're Superwoman :)
    Totally off topic, but if you get a spare minute over the holidays (hopeful), I would love you to add your blog to The Blog Roll. xx

    1. I have no idea what you mean by this 'adding to the blog roll' or how to do it. I'm old and stupid, remember??!! Will DM you on twitter...

  8. What a gorgeous post and what a year you have had. We have three girls at three different schools as well. Luckily next year, my youngest heads to high school and joins one of her sisters so we will be down to two schools. Can't wait.

  9. What a wonderful year you have had. I hope that you can "unsink" yourself and that next year is even bigger and better!

  10. You have had a huge year! At one stage I had three schools on the go and it is difficult. This is a great idea Lydia. If I manage to write my own I'll make sure to credit you for the excellent idea x

  11. It's actually the prompt for I must confess on Monday, so credit Kirsty!

  12. A lovely year in review and yes I agree that finding that balance with kids is not easy. I too love my blog, it's a place I can call me own and get support and encouragement when I need it. Kids across 3 schools - that was me this week, except it was 2 daycares/kindy a school! It goes back to 2 this year!

  13. This is a wonderful review of the year. I like how you acknowledge the bad, yet are still focusing on the good. This takes such efforts.

    Love this line on parenting: "The kids are wonderful, and continue to delight and bring light into my day but being a parent can suck in so many ways. It's hard to reconcile the two truths at time." True that!

    Thank you for linking up to #thankfulthursday. I love your contribution. xS

  14. Such a big year really, when you throw in holidays like that!
    I love that blogging makes reviewing the year so much easier. Lovely to look back and reflect.

  15. Great recap! And what awesome highlights! Especially making the long list of the Hunter Writers Short Story competition! Well done! Here's to a 2015 of more travels, and writing achievements x

  16. Love your number 10. You are a very talented writer and I have told you this already but I love how your posts and comments are so thoughtful and challenge me as a reader. Here's to 2015 - hoping we can meet up again, this time for a longer chat!

  17. What a wonderful look back at your year that was! I am off now to check out your post of Siem Reap. I didn't get to visit there so look forward to reading your thoughts.

  18. Some great highlights here - being published, travels. I've visited Thredbo in non-ski season and it's beautiful!

  19. It really was a great prompt wasn't it. I loved looking back at your year that was and I love your positive attitude to life. Also I have to say a massive thank you for supporting, participating in and hosting the link ups that I'm part of. It really means a lot to have your continued support.

  20. What a magical year you and your family have had - how do you do three school pick ups and drop offs :)
    A holiday without kids would be so amazing, hubby and I have never done that!!! We didn't even get a honey moon.
    Love the idea of looking back on a year - we have been to so many wonderful places so I would love to look back on all of our photos.
    Thanks for sharing :)