Sunday 14 December 2014

First of the Month Fiction - Jan (Gone Fishin')

I'm shutting up shop early, so this is the final post for the year, and possibly until First of the Month Fiction Feb is posted. So happy Christmas to you all, enjoy the holidays, stay safe, drive carefully and most of all, be happy!

Same rules as always - write 100 word story (in exactly 100 words) or one less than 30.

Put your story in the comments then link your blog so we can see your style in unfettered form. Mine is 100 words:

She knew Santa looked at who was naughty or nice and gave gifts accordingly. She'd been good all year, not a cross word, always helpful and kind. Yet the Christmas tree was still bare, not a single gift at the base. The stocking hung by the chimney with care was also empty. Disappointment and confusion would reign yet again on Christmas morning.

He could think of a present for every single child on the face of the earth but didn't ever remember to leave something for her. Mrs Claus looked at her exhausted husband and wondered if he'd ever change. 

Linking this old Christmas tale for #MondayWRites


  1. Love it !!!!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and everything you wish for yourselves in 2015. I know that things are so very difficult for you at the moment - you are in my thoughts.
    With love xox

  2. What??! First of the month fiction! I'll get my thinking cap on and get back here with a little addition xx

  3. Have a great break - see you next year

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas break and a relaxing holiday. Looking forward to reading more of your work in the new year. #teamIBOT

  5. That story sounds familiar. Oh that's right... I'm Mrs Claus! Well done!

    Have a lovely break!... I may be back with something later :)

  6. It is sounding very familiar. I think I might take things into my own hands this year rather than waiting for Santa to remember me!! Great reminder.

  7. I don't have a story- but thanks for all the banter and look forward to more next year!

    1. Glad you take it the way it's intended and I like that your blog makes me think about my reasoning behind my position on things. Have a great holiday!

  8. "If she could believe, for just one moment, that miracles came true, then maybe she could save him. Although as the days went on, it appeared less and less likely, and without even realising it, she withdrew into herself. Until one day, she realised that not only had her plans to save him completely failed, but she had, in fact lost herself as well. And all that remained was a hollow shell of the girl she had once been.
    And so, on that sunny day in April, when finally they were to meet, she found that they were both gone."

    Have a great break Lydia!

  9. Also, love that story! Poor Mrs Clause. I wonder how often she goes without?

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  11. Christmas comes but once a year and many will take trips away
    If I stay home and potter and play, it's my brain that will take a holiday.

    Enjoy your break, Lydia. See you next year.

  12. Enjoy your break. Poor Mrs Claus not getting any presents. I look forward to seeing you on the blog next year.

  13. “It’s not me, it’s you,” she smiled, getting up to leave.
    “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” he frowned.
    “You mean like when you gave me your mistress’s Christmas card?”

    Not that good but I gave it a go Lydia. Merry Christmas!

  14. That's excellent - you made me chuckle out loud!

  15. Love this concept. And LOVE your story, teehee! Will be joining in but have COTTON WOOL for brains at the moment so maybe not right now.

    Merry Christmas. I hope you're luckier in the present department than Mrs Claus.

  16. OK, this is mine in less than 30 words:

    "She sat alone on her bed thinking the cruelest kind of sexy was a man who is in love with his wife and kids."

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