Tuesday 9 December 2014

What I learnt from Snowpiercer

I learnt I could watch a whole movie, from beginning to end, and not recognise the leading man. I did feel he was familiar, but it was only afterwards when I googled the cast to see what I'd seen him in, that I realised it was Captain America! I have mentioned in the past, I can't tell him and the 2 Ryans apart, but I can usually pick that it is one of the three, just not which one.

John Hurt has been looking that way for about the last 30 years, but somehow looks better now than ten years ago - less frail, if you get what I mean.

Tilda Swinton likes to play off her looks, in the sense she is very good looking but I think likes to play ugly, or at very least odd characters. She is fabulous in this.

However, I have to admit,more than anything else, it made me want to watch The Good, The Bad and the Weird again - which as we own the DVD, won't be a problem.

Lastly, it had the warning, in the post apopcalyptic world, you want to be at the head of the train not the end.

Have you ever watched a movie and not recognised the lead actor?


  1. ALL. THE. TIME. I am totally hopeless with actors / famous people. K has despaired of me EVER recognising or remembering faces and names.
    Lotsa hugs for you xox

  2. Looper. I subconsciously KNEW it was Joseph Gordon Levitt, but was bewildered by the fake nose!