Monday 26 October 2015

Writing my story

I'm not in a very good place to be writing my story at the moment. In fact I rarely get to write. I'm way behind on reviews, my blog posts uninspired, and the overwhelming crap of life is bringing me down. I seem to be using all my energy to bolster others, but lacking the cheer squad that I desperately need to regroup*. (As an interesting aside, I went to a parenting course, and at the start of the session, they said 'Parenting is hard. Have a think about who your support person is. Think about who you can call tomorrow and vent about what you need to download'. Quite possibly the most valuable thing they taught us.)

So, I will write in clich├ęs, for that's the story I feel I'm writing at the moment.

Don't get caught in the chapter you're currently stuck in. If you don't like it, edit. Remove people, add action, whatever you need to do to make an improvement.

Don't make it repetitive. You can't live it, you can't write it. No matter what, find one small thing for you.

If you really have no words, add a picture.

Know that in the end, there's a happily ever after, even if that means you need to bin this story and start a new one.

For me, I need to make some time to write. The life I'm trying to create, the career and income, requires the written word, and some creativity. So to write my story, I need to ACTUALLY write a story.

"Rejected pieces aren’t failure; unwritten pieces are." Greg Daugherty

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*I reread that and it's not meant to sound as the words imply. I've actually had some amazing support come from surprising corners of my world, and my regular good friends never fail. I just meant I seem to sink under the weight of a moment and there's no one there at the right time.


  1. Don't forgot people are always cheering silently for you, we just forget to tell you! (yes I'm logged in as someone else but you are smart enough to work it out)

  2. Sorry to hear things are sucky for you at the moment - wish I could wave a magic wand and make it better but I'm guessing there are some lessons in there that you need to learn. Sending big hugs your way xox

  3. I wrote that in a tired, bad mood - while busy and still not writing today, I'm in a much better just take it as the grumbling a of self pity...but I still can't write my story!!

  4. the enchanted life and adventures of two girls and their dolls ( Heidi and Gingham) who come to life

  5. I think I love this the most: "Rejected pieces aren’t failure; unwritten pieces are." Sometimes we get caught up in the distraction of living and forget that even in those moments we are writing our story. I need ot physically sit down bum on seat and write too - so many things have been put on next years list and I'm wondering if that needs to be the case anymore. Maybe it is time to reshuffle the list and change the order of things? Thank you for always linking up to #convocoffee and sharing your story xx

  6. You don't know how much I needed to read this right now! It's a timely reminder that I need to do some culling in my life but I also need to get back to my writing! I miss spending that time where I just let my emotions and thoughts flow. I know it's really not that hard to just get back and pick up a pen or open up the laptop but I keep holding myself back. Time for change.

  7. Parenting is hard. Those three words sum it up. There's always going to be times when you can't do everything. No one is super human. Is there something else that can go so you can make time for writing? You'll get there xo

  8. This was my year for simplifying. For being kind to me and not feel guilty about it. I was in a similar place not so long ago when nothing seemed to be flowing well. It's not so bad right now. Look after and make time for you and the things that inspire your creativity, and the mojo will return xx