Saturday, 31 October 2015

Race? What Race?

I have three kids, at three different schools. I am time poor in a way I've never been before. I am in a logistical nightmare that I'm trying to adjust to manage better. I've had to change the orthodontist appointment because a school camp was announced. I had to rearrange the dentist because a last minute school meeting required my attendance. I have tight timeframes from 3 - 7.30 most nights.

So while I love the Melbourne Cup, I have managed to snaffle a dentist appointment that afternoon, so I will be in my car, racing to pick up all three kids to then make our way to the dentist when the race stops most of the nation.

I hope to head to the TAB during the day, or get a spot on someone's sweep, so I don't feel completely removed from society, but I won't be devastated if it doesn't pan out (I never win anyway, so I don't really understand why I bother).

I guess getting an appointment that all four of us can attend, that doesn't need to be rescheduled is my winning for that I'm grateful.

To everyone else, enjoy your lunch and festivities, raise a glass for me and may the best horse win.

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PS As an aside, I saw a FB post of a traveller visiting our shores saying with derision that Australians (in Victoria) got a day off for the AFL Grand Final Parade and the Melbourne Cup but disgracefully did nothing for Remembrance Day. I can see to outsiders this would look bad. In our defence, we celebrate ANZAC Day with a day off, and I believe that we probably celebrate more in the respectful spirit of Remembrance with the minute's silence on the 11th of November than if we took a whole day off (because we all know that would turn into a party and we'd probably not notice the 11th hour at all.)


  1. I don't even get the Melbourne Cup, but I'd probably develop a sudden interest in it if it was a choice between that or the dentist. Eeeeeeek! Good point about Remembrance Day.

  2. I understand the time poor but I am very excited as I am heading to the cup this year for the first time ever.

  3. I hope your life settles down soon Lydia but I suspect you're a little like me and there's not much hope of that happening anytime soon. I definitely agree that getting the one appointment for the family at the dentist is a huge win!