Sunday, 4 October 2015

Stranger in a Strange Land - Stay awhile (the old lady wrap up)

 In a fit of enthusiasm, I decided we'd do the full day (12 hours) at the EB Games expo - which would have been fine but with 2 under the 15 age limit, requiring parental supervision, it meant I needed to be in 2 places at once (or arguing with one child), pretty much all day.

In a brief non-gamer wrap up, here's what I learnt:

1. I don't care what you gamers say, I loved Disney Infinity Star Wars and I'm a kick-ass Jedi.

2. Apparently you can spend the whole expo in Nintendo and a jumping castle, requiring your mother to read her book in the walkway in between (where she can thankfully supervise both children). Under duress I managed to get them to look at a few other things (I loved the Lego and can't wait for Art of the Brick: DC Comics, by the way).

3. I can catch all the Yo-Kai, which probably means you need to make the game harder, Nintendo,  because I don't know how to use a DS. (It has just occurred to me, maybe I'm a naturally awesome gamer...)

4. There were some families where everyone dressed up - my favourite, the Pay Day family that had little 6 year olds in suits, clown mask with guns, the whole bit.  Everyone, except the teen, who refused to be a party to it, or even walk near them. Proving that whatever you do, as a parent of a teen, is an embarrassment and uncool. If you think otherwise, you're deluding yourself.

5. A lot of mothers were in Cosplay while their kids weren't. I've decided this is because it's probably the only time they're not completely invisible or overshadowed by their kids. Or maybe they just like it.

6.  A Wookie just has to turn up to win the dance off and it's all over. Even if the other team are acrobats and the Wookie just stands there, the Wookie wins.

7. I may've squealed when Boba Fett came out to Kanye's Power (it was just too much of the things I like at once).

8. As much as I love the song, there is a limit to how many times I can listen to All I do is Win. I know it's my fault for spending 6 hours in the same spot, but even so, it was every 4 minutes. So I make that at least 90 times in one day. In case you want to walk a mile in my shoes, here it is:

9.I did laugh out loud more than once at the Terminator vs WWE ad....classic!

10. I've said it before, the gamers themselves make this event. The cosplayers are awesome, and the crowd are so patient. They happily wait 2 to 3 hours in line, and no one pushes in or complains**. Everyone is polite and happy. It's a really nice vibe, and these days, that's something to celebrate.

* I'll admit I did complain that after spending a squillion dollars to get the 6 year old in, I was then expected to fork out more money for the jumping castle. That should be included, EB Games! The amount of money you got for me and her not to play games would have paid for the jumping castle outright!

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  1. You deserve a medal. I'm not sure I could have faced an entire day. My girls are all into this but only one is under 15 which makes things a whole lot easier.

  2. I agree with Raych.. I don't think I could do an entire day but it's funny how your interests can alter with your children.

  3. I remember when my son waa into Tony Hawk and biking games. I was into the music and all. I can't play to save myself these days!!

  4. It sounds like you all had a lot of fun but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about !!! PMSL
    I understood a couple of words - like Disney and Star Wars and Jedi (only because how could I not have heard those ?????) and I've heard of Nintendo but have no idea what it does and Lego. Suffice to say - I never took K to anything like this !! LOL
    Love reading your work again !

  5. Sounds great! We won a pass to Ozcomicon this year and now the kids are desperate to go to Supernova. The cosplanning has begun!

  6. What a great mum you are!!!

    I was in Brisbane with my 19yr old niece earlier this year and at one point she and her friend wanted to go to a Comicon at the Gold Coast and I agreed to take them. Although... quite frankly I couldn't think of anything worse than having to wait about all day for them at something like that. I'm terribly impatient and a terrible 'tourist' so can't imagine what it would be like. (Although of course I might then be surprised at how much I enjoy it!)

    1. You know when you go to a kid thing, and it's really stressful and annoying and the people are the worst (the parents, that is) - this is nothing like it. Everyone is so chilled out - it's really pleasant and the crazy agro isn't there....