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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Back & Bleary eyed

We went off on a short jaunt, over to Krabi, via Singapore (the long way to shave costs). I've been washing and shopping and all the dreary unpacking. All holiday joy long forgotten. Well, not forgotten but momentarily feeling a long way off.

But something that made me smile, as we settle back into our pedestrian routine, is the kids asking if they can drink from the tap in the apartment (we moved a week before we left for the holiday). Young travellers take so much in their stride more than we ever did.

As I struggle to wake up in the mornings (and go to sleep at night), my body clock refusing to move back into local time, even though the time difference was just a few hours, I am struck by the thought that sometimes it's the smallest change that is hardest to accommodate. Maybe we need to allow ourselves a little more slack when it comes to embracing change. Even the small ones need a little time for adjustment.

Looking forward to writing again, and I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday or at least a fabulous long weekend!

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  1. Welcome back - it's great to have you back and so glad you had a good time. Gosh can't imagine moving one week and going on holiday the next - good luck with settling into your new place.
    So hanging out for the long weekend !!!!!!!

  2. Great to see you back- sounds like a fantastic adventure was had- I have so missed your thoughts :)

  3. I'm very sad the school holidays are over too. Boo hoo. I agree, kids are so much more savvy about certain things than we ever were.

  4. Welcome home! Kids are like sponges, aren't they? They soak up all the things! Thanks for linking up with The Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

  5. Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the break x

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely break. Asking if I could drink straight from the tap was one of the first things I asked when we first moved to Australia. I was 4 :)