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Monday, 14 September 2015

I didn't vote for him

There's a lot of talk on Facebook about the challenge and Abbott supporters are disillusioned with the party because "I didn't vote for him". Well, yes you did.
If you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to know how our Government works. You vote for the party (and policies) not the person. The party chooses the person. It is a safety net system. I admire what both Malcolm and Julie said last night (a) on the system & how it works (shame on us that was even necessary) and (b) on the climate change figures already announced for Paris (while I don't AGREE with those figures, I think she did the right thing by taking the notion off the table that they somehow weren't towing party lines).

We, the Australian people, need to grow up. We need to listen to the policies and stop being distracted by the media shenanigans. Political posturing shouldn't be sound bites and photo ops.  

The same needs to be said to all the left leaners that are celebrating the new guard.  What he had the freedom to say as an MP is not the same as what he can do as PM, regardless of what he personally thinks. That is what makes it a stable system of government, regardless of changes in leadership.

If you were happy with the Abbott Govt, you will be happy with the Turnbull Govt. If you were unhappy with the Liberals being in power, you still will be.

Before the next election, I am hoping we wise up, educate ourselves on the policies and vote carefully, no matter what your political leanings.

As per always, you're entitled to your opinion however I will delete anything disrespectful to the politicians themselves, or other commentators.

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