Monday 14 September 2015

First of the Month Fiction - October

In the worst week to lose internet access, I am rushing this before I go.

She screamed in anger at him. Now she was crying hysterically, frustrated he didn't understand. She swore but it wouldn't make a difference. If only she'd got the epidural earlier!

I'm offline until October - will be all over it when back.
Enjoy the hols.

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  1. Dammit, I went dark again...

    He watched on as his wife of 14 years went through the throes of labour. Waiting for the next wave of contractions to ebb and flow. Her clothes, long since discarded, a tangled mess on the floor along with the iPod of relaxation sounds. He tried to be attentive, remembering the birth plan for what it was worth, but he felt disconnected. This would be her third child, but not his. He’d done the maths and this couldn’t be their child. His FIFO roster made that plain as day, as did the colour of the baby’s skin as it crowned….

  2. I remember that swearing and yelling and "dammit" re the epidural!

  3. Mother guilt was a terrible thing; a dark cloud that enveloped her despite her best intentions to live in the light. The burden she carried for that one stupid mistake.

    I was feeling dark.
    Hope you enjoy your holiday. x

    1. I didn't get the email notification on this! Sorry for the delayed response...Love the dark/light image...