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Monday, 20 February 2017

I don't want to be a Princess

'How was school, Princess?" I asked my little one.
'I'm not a princess. I don't want to be a princess' she replied. So I asked why not.

She'd thought about it. Based on the story book princesses, but when you consider modern royalty, still applicable centuries on.

1. You don't get to choose your own clothes. You're told what to wear and it's always dresses or skirts. 

2. You have too many slaves and never get to do anything on your own. (I did point out perhaps they were servants not slaves but I agree a princess would rarely get to wander around by herself).

3. You have to spend a lot of time doing stuff whether you want to or not. (I'm guessing she means all those ceremonial functions).

4. You can't just look at your phone when you want to. (I don't know protocol but I'm guessing she is right).

5. You wouldn't be able to start a blog and mouth off about things that were annoying you (obviously this is my input not hers)

So next time you see those photos of royalty, think about the people in it. How overwhelming and invasive a lifestyle it must be. Even a child can see it wouldn't be fun...

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  1. I thought about marrying a prince once. But number 5 killed it for me :P

  2. Very clever child. My little one thinks princesses are all about wearing sparkly tiaras :)

  3. I often think about that. Having to look your best and be on your best behaviour all the time. Not for me either.

  4. I have mixed feelings about being a princess, and being a die-hard Disney fan, makes it all the more hard to decide.

    I think in some ways being a princess is far more than we can ever imagine....

  5. I'm sure you can look at your phone and wear/do what you like behind closed doors. Call me shallow, but I can't resist the lure of a closet full of tiaras! I think I've been watching too many Disney movies...

  6. That is incredibly insightful for a child especially.

  7. And I thought being a princess would be fun! Maybe not!


  8. Haha, I'm looking forward to the day my big girl realises that being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be! The princess obsession is still going strong in this house!

  9. I couldn't be in the spotlight like that. It must be so hard for them to have their every move scrutinised.

  10. Haha! Clever girl! She really did think it through :)


  11. How insightful for a child!! #ParentingDoneRight

  12. Wow, she has put a lot of thought into this topic Lydia - I love it!

  13. <3 this post! So much thought has been put into the princess lifestyle. It sounds like your daughter will be a go-getter in life, going after she wants and not letting anyone get in her way! :)