Sunday 19 February 2017

“If you're skating on thin ice, you might as well dance.” ― Anita Shreve

I love Groupon. It prompts me to try things I might not normally bother doing, because if I chuck it in, I haven't blown too much money. (My partner hates my frugal behaviour as he finds it embarrassing....but that's another story).

I signed up to a month's free lessons at a dance studio. I figure I only have to do one class a week to get my money's worth, but will aim for 2.

I'm going to try ballet, hip hop, African dance and everything else they offer. Just to see what it's like.

I need to point out I'm not very good with left and right - it's an optical issue not stupidity, by the way.

I really do not have very good co-ordination.

I maybe should have mentioned the above to my rather graceful friend who signed up with me. But I guess she'll work it out soon enough.

I have no appropriate fitness attire.

I am presuming I might look a little like this (without the outfit):

However, who knows, by the end of the month I might be more like this, or at least smiling like they are (and we know that dancing is the shortcut to happiness):

If nothing else, what I lack in talent and ability, I hope to make up for in enthusiasm.

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. - Japanese Proverb

And I finally have something to add to the much neglected list:

Torshlusspanik List:

1. Shooting (check)
2. Fencing (check)
3. Play croquet at Croquet Club
4. Laser skeet
5. Off road buggy driving
6. Play Assassins Creed
7. Jetpacking (check)
8. The Color Run (check)
9. Invent something
10. Cooking Masterclass (check)
11. Master a Masterclass (check)
12. Perform a rap song (check)
13. Trampoline adventure (check)
14. BMX Riding (check)
15. Do a cart wheel (check)
16. Ride an Electric Bike (check)
17. Astonish Myself
18. Write a book*.
19. Participate in a distance event (check)
20. Climb Sydney Tower (check)
21. Dance in a dance class


  1. I love how adventurous you are - can't wait to hear how it went !!

  2. Ha ha! I once had a director shout at me 'Do you have no spatial awareness at all?!' To which I really wanted to reply 'No', but that's not something you say to musical theatre directors 😊

  3. Wow! That is quite a list! I am nearly as bad at dancing as I am at riding a bike, ie, very bad indeed. I hope there will be some real life video footage - bop til you drop! Enjoy!

  4. Love it- why not try it out and have a bit of fun?!

  5. What a list! Wow! I love the proverb!

    (Jenny - Accidental Hipster Mum)


  6. That's so awesome. I'd never do anything like that (I'm truly a very bad dancer) but I know I should be more like you and take the time to push outside my comfort zone. I'd love to hear how it goes!

  7. Love this and think you absolutely have the right idea. Would love to know how you get on. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  8. I admire your enthusiasm and your list! Good luck with both. #KCACOLS

  9. I love Groupon and Scoopon and Catch Of The Day, lol. So cool you did dancing classes!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  10. If it's free do it lol! Cool list. #kcacols

  11. Ahh good for you for signing up! I never actually thought to use groupon as a chance to try new things so I must keep that in mind for next time!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  12. Good on you. Sounds like a heap of fun. My dancing is restricted to the loungeroom!
    Like I have enough to do, I am working my way through a gymnastic course, I will be a kindergym coach in term 2 this year. Nervous but excited!

  13. I love dancing. We have dance hour whilst I am cooking dinner, so avoid screen time. Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xox

  14. LOL that Goldie Hawn clip is priceless!!! Dance like no one is watching... even though EVERYONE is staring 😜 #Kcacols