Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Taking Stock - Feb

I am spending a lot of time driving all over Sydney, which is too dull for words, or at least too dull to go into for you, my dear readers, so it is a good thing that I have also been making the most of my evenings for frivolity. At least when the kids tedious commitments don't get in the way.

Drinking : Too much. But lots of cocktails so there's vitamins in there. I think. At least I LIKE to think so.

Reading: Augusten Burroughs - How to. I LOVE this book so much. He's so funny, so engaging and it's a really interesting look at pretty much the human psyche in relation to everything. 

Wanting: More time in the day - but big yawn, who doesn't?

Playing: Mah Jong at the fabulous Mah Jong Garden for the Lunar New Year

Enjoying: Belly laughs with good friends. Who knew Phil Collins could provide so much mirth...Literally could not speak I was laughing so hard!

LovingAugusten Burroughs - How to. I've quoted it to about 3 different people and told about 50 people to read it. I am realising I must be very repetitive....

Will leave you with this song by George Maple, who I'm very excited about seeing tonight and currently Listening to on high rotation...(not suitable for work - some nudity, you don't really see anything, but just incase)

How's your February panning out?

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A strange one for #LovingLifeLinky but I have been having so much fun lately (interspersed with some dull routine and obligations - and ever so tedious kid/school commitments of course) that it's been hard not to love life and feel ever so lucky!


  1. The Mah Jong Garden looks nice with the orange lanterns against the green back drop. Thanks for mentioning Augusten Burroughs' book.

  2. Now I really want to read that book. Cocktails sound good,too. Cheers!🍹

  3. I saw the mahjong courtyard too but don't know how to play!

    SSG xxx

  4. February been a blast! I hope that March will be more than you expect. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. The courtyard is lovely! Have a great week.

  6. I love the stories of Sydney via your eyes and ears. It takes me to different spaces and places I would not experience. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 9/52. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps 2.

  7. I'd love to learn how to play mah jong.


  8. Cocktails absolutely do contain vitamins. A big tick there. I saw the mahjong courtyard the other day when I was down, but was rushing to get to a meeting so didn't stop...besides, I have no idea how to play!

  9. I am curious about that book. I might have to Google it! Ahhh Mah Jong. We have the game here and I still don't know how to play it (must learn)! #TeamLovinLife

  10. Your book sounds interesting Lydia. You should have an affiliate link! :) x

  11. There is definitely vitamins in cocktails. There has to be. Surely. #teamlovinlife