Sunday, 4 August 2019

The toilet edition...

I was at a bar the other night to see a band, and on the back of the toilet door was this:

I showed my husband who said 'Yes, there's that whole ask for Angela thing'. I pointed out that only worked in bars that had actually put up a sign to say they did that, and it was really just a viral thing about one or two bars in America. Most bartenders here would let you know she didn't work there...

The sign made me love my city a little bit more. That people did look out for each other.

And I obviously wasn't the only one, because on a different door, there was a reply, which echoed my emotional response to the sign, so I wasn't alone in how the gesture made me feel:

At the Belvoir, I noticed they'd added a new sign in between the two toilet doors:

I thought, that would make some people feel safe if there's a problem, just as the Lazybones sign had made me feel safer. Even if you don't need to use it, it's nice to know people have your back and you're welcome and safe. So I could see why the sign mattered, even if it didn't matter to me.

While the government seems to be very anti a number of populations, it's nice to be in communities that aren't. As the saying goes 'The true measure of any Society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.'

I very much enjoyed Life of Galileo, with it's extremely appropriate timing this week and more so, I enjoyed being amongst the arts people, with all their inclusivity & concern for others...A line from the play is very fitting for our times “Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes”. It was nice to be reminded there are still some out there.

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  1. I like that. Actually no, I really love that.

    1. Same. It's such a small thing, hopefully not needed but makes such a big impact, on me, anyway.

  2. This is brilliant, great initiative by the venue!

    SSG xxx

  3. In light of what I wrote about today this impresses me very much!! #TeamLovinLife

  4. Oh what a nice post! I love everything :)

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  5. A lot of bars put up the Ask For Angela posters but don't train their staff and the police just hand out the stickers/posters without training too. Thanks for linking up at #kcacols. Hope you can come back next time.

  6. I love everything about this. and the second sign on using the best toilet to suit your needs. #KCACOLS

  7. These signs definitely make this as a place where everyone should feel welcomed and appreciated. The small things truly can make a huge difference. #KCACOLS

  8. This is a great idea! It's all about making everyone feel welcome :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  9. I agree. Little things like this mean a lot. I think it's a wonderful idea.


  10. This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy! What a great initiative by the venue.

  11. Lovely to see a responsible and adult attitude in that bar. Great sign! #KCACOLS

  12. It's little things like this that make me smile! Thanks for sharing #lifethisweek

  13. Comforting to know one can feel safe and included when out and about. It's the little things... #openslather

  14. You sure have educated me with this post! Good to know about safety measures and all because the world is a different place after dark in some areas.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is 33/51 Tea, Coffee or What? 19/8/19. Hope to see you linking up then too. Denyse.

  15. Lovely that some places go the extra distance to make the world a safer and better place. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama