Thursday 22 April 2021


The blogging world has changed enormously since the heady days when I first started. For me, a tiny blogger, I was getting 1000 - 3000 views on posts. We had #IBOT,  #FYBF and #ThankfulFriday and many other regular hang outs where we met other bloggers and grew to become friends.

Over time, many big names left the scene and the numbers dwindled. The readership for my little world is smaller and now spread across the UK and US as well as here, and still a fraction of the numbers once achieved. 

Deep Fried Fruit announcing her departure threw me for six. In my head, I saw her, Denyse and me as the last of a core group who wrote for pleasure and would continue forever, even though I take regular breaks that seem to get longer and longer...

I am sad for what once was, but happy for all that I gained out of it.

I guess the best thing in this life is connection, and goodbyes should merely remind us to maintain them.

Feeling very much the last of an old guard, perhaps how people feel when they feel society is evolving faster than they can keep up. But you know this old dog is happy to learn, adapt and not shout "It's PC gone mad" as if I can't see the old days have gone.

Here's to the old times, and happy new times.

Shout out to anyone beginning to rattle around in an ever shrinking environment. 

Linking a little farewell ode to Deep Fried Fruit for #LovingLifeLinky. #WeekendCoffeeShare and #AnythingGoes

Note I'm still on a break but I couldn't not link up with you for the last time!

My Random Musings


  1. I was surprised too but I've been really hit and miss with my personal blogging (and therefore blog reading). I started in early 2009 and have gone through several iterations over the years and very much appreciate those who remain faithful to their original intent and wish I felt more comfortable using blogging in the way I used to - to get thoughts out of my head. To share stuff into the ether and not worry as much about who reads it or how it's received.

    Weirdly the one blog I read irregularly (ie. more than most) is some random person I follow on FB who blogs about their daily activities each day. It reminds me of the old days of blogging where we did just that.

    1. I see you on Twitter so I feel you're very regular, but I've been off for a month so I don't notice you haven't blogged, because I'm not at the link ups either.

  2. I see so many leaving blogging for social media. Facebook being the biggest one. I did just the opposite. I kept my blog and dumped all social media. It's much kinder here than on social media.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. I'm still sticking around in my own weird way. I do like it (probably need it - cheaper than therapy!)

  3. I hope you continue blogging after your break. You're welcome to join my Weekend Coffee Share link-up any and every week.