Saturday 23 November 2013

10 things I love/hate about the Festive season

What I love about Festive Season:
1. Lots on, plenty of catch ups and parties
2. I get to give a lot of gifts
3. Lots of great food to eat
4. Family get togethers
5. It's the holidays

What I hate about the Festive Season:
1. Lots on, plenty of catch ups and parties (I get tired)
2. I have to think of a lot of gifts
3. Too much great food, and I eat it all
4.Family get togethers ('nuff said!)
5. It ends, and we start all over again.

Happy Christmas to you all, see you on the flip side. Safe travels and enjoy the break everyone!

Linking up this old post with #HappyTuesday because we need to remember that there is a flipside to everything we do. If something bad is happening to us, remember there is a positive in there somewhere. If everything is going swimmingly, pause to appreciate it, as the reverse could just as soon take place


  1. I hear you loud and clear on these !!!! I am lucky in that we don't have a lot of family to catch up with and we try to leave friends alone with their own families. We are having another really quiet Christmas - dinner at Royal Pines on Christmas Eve with my folks and then cheese sandwiches on Christmas day !!!!!!
    Thinking of presents is the bane of my life - I dread birthdays and Christmas for this reason alone !!!
    I hope you have a good time whever you are and whatever you do !

  2. I love all that stuff too. Also the over eating and the family get togethers but that's mostly extended family that I don't see too much.

    I think the key is if you're travelling to see family DON'T stay with family. Get your own place then you can have some separation and best of all, leave when you've had enough!

    This doesn't work very well if they come to you though ;)

    Ps. You commented on my blog that you do orphanage gifts at xmas too. Where, when, how? I'd love to do something from Oz too!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as well lovely. May it (and the year ahead) be filled with lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  4. My wife hates Love Actually and its veneration as a classic Christmas movie. This year there was a widely shared Jezebel article about why Love Actually is not a very good film ( My wife has never been so happy. She recites the article at every possible opportunity like it is a sacred text. I am so pleased that a movie that used to make her so annoyed now gives her so much joy!

  5. I feel exactly the same way - it's funny how all the positives turn into negatives as well! I'm looking forward to being at home this christmas and not having to travel anywhere but still having friends and family drop in - looking forward to hopefully getting to relax a little! Thanks so much for being a regular confessor this year!

  6. oh I love that list and feel like I could have written it myself!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. I could easily not do Christmas but my three girls might have something to say.

  8. Having all my family together can be amazingly wonderful or a dreadful catastrophe. It can go either way. I get your lists perfectly!

  9. Perfectly put!! Thanks for sharing with #thankfulthursday and Merry Christmas!!

  10. Have a wonderful Christmas! It can be too much of a good thing sometimes can't it. Good luck xxxx

  11. I love Christmas, we don't go away but stay home and enjoy the quiet that the city becomes during that week after Christmas, oh and the beach. Have a great Christmas Lydia

  12. I love Christmas. Love, love love. This year is the first time in around 13 years we've celebrated at home. My son's first.

  13. Haha love this! For me the good definitely outweighs the bad - I love Christmas :) xx