Wednesday 6 November 2013

Riddle me this, once more...

1. Why do I always forget to set up the google analytics code? And how do I make it happen automatically?

2. Do you eat soup or drink soup?

3. Why didn't Americans adopt the metric system, especially when they fought so hard to get rid of the British? (I believe there are only 3 countries not metric these days)

4. Do any other countries, other than America,  call autumn 'Fall'?

5. What is the job title of a food court cleaner - you know, the person that clears the rubbish and wipes down tables?

6. What are clicks? (as in three clicks west). Are they actually kilometres? So why does the US army use metric?

7. What countries are on the equator?*

8. How thick is the equator?

9. Is the earth an actual sphere, like the globe implies? If so, how is that possible?

10. Why don't I seem to know anything any more?

I have a confession. These questions all came up at dinner after the Melbourne Cup (except #1). I was asked by my kids, and failed to have answers. I have googled the answer to number 7, because I was tired of sounding like an idiot who didn't know anything about anything at all. This is what happens when you eat dinner in a food court with inquiring minds.

So without further ado, the countries on the equator are as follows (let me know if you got them all):

From Africa eastward...
  1. Sao Tome and Principe
  2. Gabon
  3. Republic of The Congo
  4. Democratic Republic of The Congo
  5. Uganda
  6. Kenya
  7. Somalia
  8. Maldives (the equator passes through the territory but not on dry land)
  9. Indonesia
  10. Kiribati (the equator may or may not touch dry land)
  11. Ecuador
  12. Colombia
  13. Brazil

Have your kids stumped you with a question lately? Or do you have one yourself, that the Universe has confounded you with? Or better yet, do you have an answer?

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  1. #2 - I think you eat thick soup but drink thin soup
    #5 - food court cleaner is their title
    Other than that - sorry I have nothing. I don't know much of anything myself - just ask my family - they can confirm that !!!
    Have the best day anyway - from one who doesn't know much to one who is very funny !!!

    1. Is that true about #5, or are you guessing? I think you may be right on #2...

  2. Yup, feel pretty stupid. Have no idea!

  3. #5 I don't think they are actually called cleaners. I think it's something like domestic service person or some politically correct term like that.

  4. I always thought it was just the "cleaners" who cleared the food court away? I don't think I'd have gotten ONE of those equator countries, let alone all of them. Do you think those countries have signs? "You are now standing on the equator" like when there are signs crossing into other states/countries? 1 click = 1 mile. According to google. Google knows everything! Tell your kids to ask it. ;-) -Aroha

  5. Why do children insist on so many questions?! Thank goodness for google these day - what did parents do before us when bombarded with so many questions? Josefa #teamIBOT

  6. Now you have got me thinking - especially about the clicks. Does seem mental the US hasn't changed, but imagine if they were to do it now? Smart kids to ask all those questions!

  7. Wow your kids are much more in depth than mine? My five year old just asked what colour dragon was my favourite, and I didn't have an answer to that. How on earth do you choose?

  8. I am liking their inquiring minds, they will go far.

  9. Smart questions! I would have no idea! Thank goodness for Google. X