Wednesday 20 November 2013

What I learnt from The Counselor

For some reason this film fails a little, when it probably shouldn't, given the cast. I think it's partly because there seems to be scenes & characters that have the sole purpose of delivering an eloquent speech full of "Meaning", which makes it all a little eye-rolling. I love Bruno Ganz (Hitler in Downfall), and kept waiting for his character to come back. Then realising towards the end of the film that there was no point at all to his scene, except to tell the "Cautionary" speech. Some one needs to remind Ridley Scott of the Chekhov tale of the loaded gun....

Javier is brilliant, and probably the most complete character in the film. Which makes the whole film seem odd as the main character is little more than a stick figure. (Sorry Mumabulous) However, probably still worth a watch and here's what I learnt from it:

1. A masher is a man who attempts to force his attentions on a woman - I had to google it, and will now start using it at every available opportunity.

2. 'You don't really know someone until you know what they want'. I had never thought about this before, but it is actually quite valuable advice. We walk around thinking everyone thinks like us, with the same values and beliefs, but it's worth looking a little deeper into the motivations of people sometimes.

3. Lastly, and most importantly, 'If you think you can live in this world and be no part of it, all I can say is you are wrong'. They were meaning it differently, but consider our consumerism and it's costs,  consider our impact on the environment and all the other issues that our daily actions impact upon. I love this quote. It is the argument against those that say "What can I do? I'm only one person" or "Why should I worry about it when all the other countries are using more energy/causing more pollution etc".

Lastly, I have to ask, why do Americans spell Counsellor differently? Where does that come from?

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  1. Thanks Lydia, for this insightful review. I never get to the movies anymore unless it's animated and G rated so I'm unlikely to go see this...but for some strange reason I enjoy reading reviews of movies I'll never get to see. Weird. I'd not heard of 'masher' before but, like you, I shall now look for the next available opportunity to drop it into a conversation.

  2. Tis OK Lydia - No need to apologise. I take your word for it. As far as stick figures go, my beloved Fass is one forking hawt stick figure.

  3. I've never heard of the film - sounds interesting, but not sure it's my type of 'escape' :)

  4. LOL one of my clients is a large firm of psychologists and COUNSELLORS - the whole Australian/American spelling does my head in at times!!!