Monday, 26 May 2014

First of the Month Fiction - June.

Seriously, I am now such an old lady that I can't go a week without saying "Where has this year gone?" Halfway, people!

Quick version - add your story to comments and link your blog. Stories can be 30 words or less OR 100 words exactly.

Mine popped into my head as I discovered yet another bruise on my leg while walking home from school drop off on a lovely sunny day (I have no idea how I get them, I must be so clumsy, I don't even notice - or possibly poor circulation?). As for the rest of it, well, you know I love my action films...

She hadn’t meant to pry.  He’d left his phone at home and the message happened to flash when she’d picked it up. The lies were clear. The late nights, the ‘conferences’.

A quick look at the credit card statements rang alarm bells. She knew what he was planning to do.

While weeping in the kitchen, she noticed the knife block. A plan fell into place.

Last week the tennis ladies hadn’t believed she’d slipped from the ladder. They exchanged a look, the more she protested.

She could already hear the lawyer convincing her to use the ‘battered wife syndrome’ defence.

For newcomers, there are examples here.

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  1. Another goody! Time is speeding up I swear!

  2. I find myself saying the same thing - May? Already?!

  3. Oh intriguing hope you well finish this story ? Not sure if I have any fiction in me today. I might pop back. :)

  4. Oh far out! That was a sinister, and kind of scary one! What happened next?

    Ok see here I go....

    Sandy was feeling guilty. She knew that she couldn't be all things to all people, and yet she so desperately wanted to be so. She was quite determined that if she could make everyone happy all the time, she would be the happiest person in the world, not to mention the most well liked.

    She thought she was on her way to completing her goal. She was volunteering for some many things, she was out every night of the week, and she never slept thinking of how to be kinder to people.
    If only she hadn't run over that cat.....

    1. Heehee- you're catching my disease...something about the length seems to require a little wickedness. Poor kitty! (And I did not see that coming)

  5. Yep, definitely need more, that is such a tease!

  6. Here is mine for today (100 words exactly)

    The fire had reached this room. Bookshelves were damaged; the flames had licked at them feverishly, biting the edges of the wood. Books clung to the tenuous wooden planks that formed the floor of their home.


    Her torch picked up two humans, their backs arched backwards, lying prone across the bookshelves. Eyes and mouth held in a tableau of gasping for air; eyes open as far as their eyelids would allow. Eyelashes pregnant with ash. One girl. One boy.

    Their elbows were locked together, her head resting across his neck. Her belly was heavily distended, his hand on top.

  7. Oh you are such a tease with your fiction!
    Here's mine:

    The roar in her ears was glorious. The waves crashed. She was home finally.

  8. You really have a talent for micro-fiction! You said so much there with so few words. Okay, I'll give it a go ...

    They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I look at ours now, speechless.

  9. Oh Lydia, you evil genius! And yes, the days are all rolling into one!!

  10. June already! I feel crazy repeating over and over again how quickly time is flying.

    Here is my submission, not the greatest, but I tried:

    In the nothingness there was but one thing, a flame. In the dim he followed the light. A door opened, "We have been waiting." He had found his everything.

  11. Sure you haven't been drinking when you copped those bruises?

    1. That would make sense...but no. I just think I'm really clumsy and bang into stuff so often, I don't notice. Or I've some vitamin deficiency...but the clumsiness sounds more probable...

  12. The thing is, it turns out my ramblings are non-fiction. But I'm not naming names, so they could be...

    Here is another tale from the wedding coalface.

    He beckoned, she declined. He became angry, she was resolute (but always polite). He flounced into the church to preach values with a healthy dose of hypocrisy. She was unsurprised.