Monday 5 May 2014

What I learnt from Spiderman

No spoilers ahead, but I will say stay for after the credits - I squealed with delight when I saw where they are heading next (causing great mirth for the guy across the aisle from me). So exciting!!

1. I touched on this with Frozen so I won't labour the point. When asked who he is, Max says "I'm nobody" to which Spidey says "You're not nobody, you're somebody!". And when those 'I'm just a mum' feelings creep up on us or we're feeling very insignificant and inconsequential in our jobs or with our blogs, let's remember, that we are still very much a somebody...We shouldn't get lost in what we perceive as success and important. We should live by our own definitions.

2. Going straight to the big one "What makes life precious is that it ends. So make yours count."  Don't spend your time trying to be what other want you to be. Do what you love to do because "Even if we fail, there is no better way to live."

3. There is a very lovely scene with Sally Field which I won't try to quote here, but if you are a single mum doing the hard, dull child raising, and feeling like you can't compete with the adoration of the Disneyland Dad (or converse, a single dad trying to compete with Disneyland mum), then know that ultimately, 'you are enough'. It's voiced in this film in a very touching scene that had the whole audience engaged, nodding along and wincing at her pain. You should see it just for that, and for reinforcement that you are doing the right thing, and it will eventually be recognised by your beloved child.

4. Gwen - I liked this character because she has a strong head on her shoulders. She makes decisions when Peter Parker won't (or is messing her around). She draws lines in the sand and demands behaviour that respects her. Lastly, she won't be pushed around. "Nobody makes my decisions for me. This is my choice. Mine!". Nice to see a strong female for a change.

5. "I always thought I'd have more time". We always do think we have the time to do later what we want to do. But eventually we don't. (See point 2.)

6. "There are always stepping stones in progress". This is voiced to explain mistreatment of human beings. It makes me think of a number of decisions our current government is making, and of the US military propaganda term 'collateral damage'. Perhaps instead of making sacrifices in the name of progress, we need to reconsider what we class as 'progress'.

7. The scientist, explaining why he started his work says he "Looked at the world around me and thought we can do better, we should do better". I say this is what we all should say, and start to make it happen in our own small way.

8.  There is a funny throw away line about the messy nature of relationships, and Harry says "I don't do complicated". Wouldn't it be nice if we could walk away from those friendships and relationships that are more work than pleasure? Maybe we should? Or maybe we work out how to un-complicate them (like Gwen does).

9. Peter Parker says of Spiderman "I like to think he gives people hope" when there is little hope. The big question is, is that enough? This was covered a little in Catching Fire too. Hope will carry a nation out of difficult times. Hope will be the silver lining in a dark storm. And as Gwen says in this film, it is our job to give hope to others. We can be the hope of the future.

10. The main thing I learnt was that you are never to old for a Marvel classic. I went to a Saturday morning session and was the third youngest person in the cinema (and I'm 107, so that's saying something, as the other 2 younger than me were children). We were all laughing and the guy behind me was crying at one point, so all fully engaged. While Spiderman may not really bring us hope in the real world, he can bring many of us pleasure.

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  1. You have just made me love Spiderman even more. He is one of the things my then husband-to-be bonded over when we met "who is your favourite superhero" ;) We invested in a Stan Lee signed limited cel print and it goes up in the next house.

    As for progress- well progress is progress but that doesn't make it *improvement*. Hello Australia 2014...

  2. I was thinking that this franchise was exhausted - sounds like I was wrong. Meanwhile I am all keen to see Transcendence. I think I can rope Dadabs into that one.

    1. Is that the Depp one? Partner went and said it was a stinker...(For some reason he thought Spiderman would be bad....) So I don't know what you do with that information....probably nothing!

  3. Wow. I've been avoiding Spiderman - Tobey and Kirsten didn't do it for me, and I just couldn't be bothered with a new one - but perhaps I should give it a go.

  4. Love pint one and it is a reminder we all need reminded of now and again. :)

  5. I wasn't even planning on going to see it, but after reading this you've got me quite intrigued. You've got a great memory too - I don't think I'd be able to remember all those quotes. Point #2 is my favourite and point #1 really resonates with me today :)

  6. Great learnings, Lydia, especially number one :)

  7. I think I'm going to have to arrange a date night to go and see this - love me a superhero movie!

  8. I love your Life lessons Lydia ! I love the line " We should live by our own definitions" !!

  9. Don't hate me but Spiderman just doesn't cut it for me, Toby just is such a weak actor to play the role so I was turned off it. BUT maybe I should go and see this one?

  10. Wow! Great messages! Especially 1 and 2. I think you've just swayed me to go and watch this. And hey, I love Emma Stone.

  11. I really love the new Spiderman, so much better than the last lot. I am really looking forward to seeing it, especially having read this. Thanks for sharing your lessons.

  12. Mr 4 has been bugging me for a while to watch Spiderman..after reading this I think I might give it another watch and see if he would be up for it!