Sunday 3 May 2015

Embarrassing songs on my ipod...

Firstly, it needs to be said that I don't have an ipod. So that in itself is embarrassing. I'm a CD kinda gal. However, a lot of the music I listen to does not come on CD anymore, so there are some that sit on my phone and laptop in the iTunes.

The most embarrassing has got to be Fatman Scoop's Be Faithful. I am sure it is a joke song, and I find it hilarious yet uplifting song but I have been assured by someone far more youthful than me (my son), that it's not a joke and just a really, really stupid song.

You decide - tell me if you didn't feel the need to hoot'n'holla and raise your hands at some point in the song (or at least bounce a little).

 Warning: Even though it's animation, it's not appropriate for work (booty cam etc) and you do need to listen to the whole song for it to wear you down...totally unPC and yet so bad it's good....

Listening along with Sanch for #IMustConfess


  1. haha...can't say I have ever heard that one!

  2. I'm a CD girl too, only thing is the CD playing needs replacing and I'm thinking something more digital is in order because that is generally how our girls purchase their music.

  3. Lol...I think they play this at my gym! :P

    Btw, I only got an iPod last year...I had an mp3 player (for the gym) and my CDs for the rest of the time. Nothing embarrassing about not having an iPod.

  4. How do you live without an ipod??? Lol mine is my phone but couldn't live without it... Like Zita don't know this music

  5. I just use my iphone. Don't think I'll be adding this one to my tracks, but it is kinda catchy (or wearing).