Monday 12 December 2016

Christmas Traditions - do you grow out of them?

A very quick question this week. My youngest and I went to see the David Jones Windows and Santa in the city. A tradition for well over a decade and a half, the eldest child no longer attends and the middle child came as a good sport but wandered around the shops while the wee one rode the train and saw Santa, the lure of fish ice cream and dinner out being his reward for joining us.

My youngest rattled off all the kids in her class that didn't believe and all the incredible things (to her) that they had said. Her mild horror was her fear for them that they'd get nothing, or sounding me out for my reaction, I was a little unsure.

As I watched her excitedly take in all the Christmas 'magic', I suddenly thought we were at an end of an era, and this was probably my last xmas with kids still touched by the beauty and wonder of it all. I was a little saddened that we would no longer make our annual pilgrimage to see the city in it's Christmas glory.

Then I asked myself, do I really do this for them or for me? Who do we make these Christmas traditions for?

With kids past believing stage, do you still carry on your Christmas traditions? I, for one, decided I would still come in to see the windows and the shop displays, even if no one was going into see Santa, and even if I went alone. 

Who have we made these Christmas traditions for? And do you stop doing them?

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  1. Good question. With my kids four and six, we're seeing all of the Christmas lights and doing the Christmas traditions for the both of us. I'm sure there will come a time when nobody is interested and I'll be doing it all on my own. After they get past the teen years, hopefully they'll join me in the traditions again :) #teamIBOT

  2. My little one is nearly eight and he's clueing. But he's savvy enough to know that disbelief will result in less presents and that the his three year old brother is just beginning to enjoy the magic. So he is playing along I think - at least there won't be a teary truth telling moment. (Robyna, the Mummy & the Minx - can only ever comment as Blackberry Mummy, my old blog)

  3. I was panicking as our whole Santa tradition came to an end just before Christmas last year. I was a bit devo once the youngest was clued in, but then I realised the tradition isn't so much in the believing but in the continuing. It's in the doing. So with that said Santa is still coming to my kids and I'll continue to sneak about at night and we'll all squeal with delight after he's been. Even when they're 40!

  4. We still do a tree, advent calendar and gingerbread house even though the big kids are past it- they still enjoy it all.

  5. Kids definitely grow out of the whole Santa thing BUT their mum doesn't. As long as they are in my home, Santa will be visiting them. I just can't help myself. x

  6. I think we will continue most traditions. We will always have a tree up, the girls will have their angels to put on the tree. As for Santa, nope. Presents from mum and dad, yes, but Santa no.

  7. Santa visited my kids until they were 26 years old - at least when they were under our roof. This year, I've finally given up! I do think some traditions are worth keeping but I also think we shouldn't try too hard if they become just, well, cumbersome.

  8. My babies are adults or nearly adults now. Most of our important traditions have stayed exactly the same. We don't have Santa, so that has meant most of the things that make Christmas important to us are things that will continue to be celebrated.

  9. Hmmmm, I guess it depends on what the tradition is, really. My Mum never cared whether we believed or not, she loves Christmas and has pushed through with all of our traditions through it all, and while there were times when we were growing up that we didn't care for some of it, we all get in to it again now that we are adults and past caring if something is "cool" or not!

    Have a fabulous Christmas & New year, and thanks for linking up with IBOT in 2016.

    And, um, did you say FISH ice cream?!

  10. We started doing this same thing last year. We went to Perth CBD to check out the tree, Christmas projections, and all decor they have up there. Looking back, I don't mind dropping by again this year.

    I love your question - who are we doing this for? I would like to think I'm doing this for my son (but it seems I'm also doing it for my own enjoyment).

    With regards to traditions like santa, I'm going to do it 'til they're tired of it. Lol! My best Christmas memories were of getting gifts from santa and of my parents trying so hard for me to not find out the truth about him. I eventually did and I felt like an awesome detective afterwards! Good times.