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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What a cracker! #ChristmasLinkUp

Kids just love crackers, and this year there's some excellent ones to keep them entertained at the table!! I saw them at Chef & the Cook in Camperdown but you can probably source them everywhere.

Musical Crackers! Create a xylophone or whistle orchestra, complete with music to play (and even conductors baton!) 

Luxury crackers with cooking utensils in them! $69.95

Keep them busy at the table with magic tricks, origami, balloon animals or even moustaches for photo fun! $39.95.

Do you get xmas crackers for your table? What kind do you like?

Link your xmas posts.


  1. I like the idea of the luxury crackers, but the cost turns me off given we usually have 20 people sitting around the table (no matter who's hosting). I am the one that MUST have crackers. I am always disappointed if they don't have the jokes in them. Gotta have jokes. The "quality" of the gifts is important too ... They've got to provide us with at least 2 minutes of fun. This year I got mine from KMART and there are tiny decks of cards in them or dice, keyrings, etc. I have yet to work out if there are jokes inside. I sure hope so! I remember making my own luxury crackers one year with stuff inside like sunglasses, harmonicas etc. Although they didn't "crack" or "pop" which was a bit of a fizzer.

  2. I love frackers but the cost puts me off when we are hosting. This year we are spending it with friends so maybe I'll get some fancy ones to take!

  3. We only have our immediate family of five for Christmas, so the idea of luxury crackers rather appeals to me. I love the sound of the kmart ones as well with the cards and dice in them.

  4. What would Christmas be without the crackers but sometimes they are a little 'lame' with the surprises inside. Love you luxury idea - we can all do with a little luxury from time to time. Thanks for hosting the link up, it is my first time visiting. Have a lovely day. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond

  5. I never knew such deluxe crackers existed! We always just have the traditional ones but these look super fun!

  6. I love the crackers you have featured. One year I was super motivated and made my own crackers and popped jokes and lipsticks inside but buying them is a lot easier and quicker!

  7. I love them, deluxe crackers look awesome. we call them bom boms. thanks for hosting.

  8. I love those musical ones! I saw ones in Costco the other week with nail clippers in them. Who wants nail clippers in a Christmas cracker?