Wednesday 14 December 2016

"Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart." ~ Washington Irving

I was just wondering what I would write about for this week's xmas link up as I really haven't been out and about in the shops, but rather at presentation day after presentation day and project expos and a myriad of other school enterprises.

Then I received an email from Rafiki Mwema, asking for any assistance they could get. If there is one worthwhile activity at Christmas, it is charity. Remember those less fortunate, make someone's day brighter, give money, time, help. Whatever you can. That is the spirit of Christmas.

If you can't donate or sponsor, why not purchase something from the store?

Even just like and share their Facebook page or Instagram? Maybe this is just the cause someone you know is keen to get involved in.

I know far bigger bloggers than me have promoted this cause, but I am adding my small drop in the bucket, in the hope it does eventually overflow for them. 

Give someone over the ocean and far away a merry Christmas, a safe January, a comfortable February and a year of all we take for granted.

A little house keeping. I'll be off the blog next week until Friday for the last Xmas link up for the year. I'll also get First of the Month Fiction up before the New Year, so swing back for that.

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  1. Rafiki do great things. I bought a tee from them after PB. I just gave to MSF for Aleppo but will try o donate to them as well.

    1. MSF are amazing. I just learnt the doctors pay their own airfares personally.

  2. It's great to share charities like this as many people at Christmas time are looking to share above and beyond their usual amounts and might need a new place to donate to. I find Christmas is a wonderful time to give more, it's definitely in keeping with the spirit of the season!

  3. I like to spread the message of charities. I will have to come back and link up...

  4. I had no idea Rafiki had an online shop, so your drop in the ocean has made some ripples. I am now following one insta as well. :)