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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Sun and Moon

Moon high in daylight

 It has been an uneventful week (or eventful but not anything interesting worth writing about) but as always, the sun and moon are constant, and bring with them stability in the simpliest of pleasures.

very low moon at sunset

Sometimes that has to be enough. There's a quote I can't find attributed to anyone (other than unknown) which I found lovely:
"Everyone wants to be sun that lights up your life. But I’d rather be the moon that shines on you during your darkest hours when you forget the warmth of the sunlight."

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  1. Hallo Lydia, vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch in meinem Blog. Nun will ich mich doch auch gleich mal bei Dir umgucken. Einen schönen Blog hast Du.
    Liebe Grüße von der Insel Rügen, Mandy

  2. What beautiful captures I like this time of year :-)

    Have a moontastic week ;-)

  3. A very lovely sky, Lydia. Amazing photos as always.

  4. Gorgeous sunsets!
    Thanks for joining us this week at

  5. I never tire of seeing a beautiful sunset.

  6. Great photos! I especially like your shot of the setting sun.

  7. Love the water reflection and always the sky is so pretty. Absolutely love that quote...may need to steal it. lol ~hugs~ and have a wonderful week.

  8. That last quote is so beautiful! And the images too! Fantastic post Lydia!

    With Love,

  9. Love your sun and moon photos! Perfect quote to accompany the photos!

  10. Wonderful shots, Lydia. That first one is my fave!
    Many thanks for joining us at the "My Sunday Best" meme.