Wednesday, 18 March 2020

“If you cannot find faith in humanity, be the faith in humanity.” – Anonymous

Just when I thought we had reached despicable new lows as a nation, I heard this story:
Busloads of Melbourne (and apparently Bendigo) people - 200 or so, are descending on supermarkets in small towns (one of 1500 people) and stripping their shelves of food. Of everything.
What kind of people think of doing this? I hope their shame at their greed and selfishness eats at them. Somehow I doubt it. I can't even put into words the disgust I have at the type of people we have become. EDIT: Apparently this was made up. So made up people are the kind of people that do this. Why would people make that up? I am thankful it is not a real behaviour.

Conversely, in my little bubble of a neighbourhood, I was happy to see a story where a woman gave a shout out on FB to the owner of Adult World in Newtown, who after hearing her Nan complain about not being able to get any toilet paper anywhere, offered to organise to fix her up with some, and did. A complete stranger.

This was thrown over the fence by the Salvation Army. The card is hanging on a string we can hang on a door knob so it doesn't get lost. There is a phone number to call for help and their address. I will be donating the roll we were gifted to a guy that lives in a boarding house down the road, as they probably only got one for the lot of them.

If you are reading what is going on in the world, the SARS experienced countries have a mentality of all being in this together - there's no rush on the supermarkets, there's not even a mask shortage and everyone does their bit. This article on Taiwan is worth reading, they had their first case yesterday after a 40 day break. The election proved how selfish we really were, but now it's coming back not just on the poor, disabled and the LBGT people, now we're taking it out on the elderly, infirm and basically everyone and anyone. We need to change our mentality and gain a sense of social responsibility if we are to survive this.

For me personally, there's a number of local elderly or immune compromised (or struggling on pensions) people I've sent my number to so they have help if they need it. I need to talk to my husband about offering to take my neighbours kids if the school shuts. He is a doctor in a hospital and it will affect his ability to do important work at this time. However, it will also make the kids high risk of carrying COVID and we are already 6 in the house so that will push us up to almost 10 - that's a big group to infect if one person brings it into the house. I need to weigh up the pros and cons (and, of course, it all depends what is legally allowed by then). I am not that young myself, but still young enough to not be too worried, if I'm careful.

This was posted by a friend last night. Please donate. I have already seen hospitality workers and travel industry workers asking for jobs (any jobs) and my own daughter has had her shifts cut to what appears to be once a week so they can share the now limited shifts around.

The demand for affordable groceries is shooting through the roof. Addison Road Community Organisation's FOOD PANTRY has seen a growth in customers of more than 20% every week for the last month.
Food is a basic human right. Hunger is an injustice. We need your help now to keep affordable food and household items on the shelves for the most vulnerable people in our communities.
DONATE NOW to make sure the people who need it most can buy food – many of our new customers are casual workers who have lost jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis and the economic effects of the summer bushfires.
Donations can be made by clicking on link below. Thank you.

I am changing Richard M. Rorty's words slightly but very applicable in these strange days 'disgust with Australian hypocrisy and self-deception was pointless unless accompanied by an effort to give Australia reason to be proud of itself in the future'. If you are not proud of the way people are behaving, don't follow suit. If you are one of these many Christians that apparently need LBGT abused & treated as second class citizens legally, start showing you at least adhere to some Christian values. Let's stop this appalling behaviour and set a new standard. Let's copy the better, kinder nations. Let's take the actions that let us be proud to be Australian again.

It starts with you, and it starts today.

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  1. Nice article...

    I'm so sorry to hear that.. 😑

  2. Be safe!
    Interesting to hear perspectives from other countries.

  3. There have been so many tales of despair but also hope. I think that fairness and humanity will override the selfishness once the initial panic subsides. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging