Sunday 2 August 2020

Food - A local shoutout

While we are not in lockdown, a lot of people are trying to eat home more, just to reduce risk and as requested by the Premier...but that doesn't have to be boring.

The previously mentioned home catering of The Grounds is fabulous (see pics of our Christmas in July Feast here) and the menu constantly changes. All you need to do is pop it in the oven! Pick up (Alexandria) or delivery. Order here.

Pazar food Collective has tasty meals for pick up, with a contactless drive through arrangement. We got the Chicken Dinner (with a loaf of bread) and that was more than enough for 3 adults, and a left overs for someone's lunch the next day. Spicy and delicious. Very flavoursome. (Location and hours - Canturbury)

Emma's snack bar is back to takeaway only, with 'TV dinners' that are perfect for one, or order a feast off their regular menu. Pick up. (Location and hours - Enmore).

El Jannah has a great offer for either a whole chicken or two whole chickens with large chips, a side, bread and garlic sauce and drinks. Individual menu items available. Super tasty and reasonably priced. All over Sydney (but Newtown for this Inner West edition).

It is a really hard time for the hospitality industry. 

A number of restaurants near us have had to close their doors or revert to takeaway only, so when you can, support them, and if it was good, give them a shout out on social media so friends know what they are offering, and might through some business their way.

Alas no photos of all the delicious feasts we've been having...will try to amend....

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  1. It is such a hard time for hospitality and as you say while more people are trying not to be out too much, we're doing the same - trying to support our local eateries as much as we can in whatever way we can.

  2. The food looks good. I'm glad you're supporting your local eateries as much as you can. #lifethisweek

  3. Ooohhh - Christmas in July at The Grounds would have been amazing!

    SSG xxx

  4. Such a hard time for our hospitality peeps - like you we've had our shares of take aways and eat ins (where possible) It's been a privilege to support our local favourites in these hard times. I'm very envious of your Christmas in July at the grounds!

  5. I miss going in to work because my office is in Newtown and now I'm not close to all the food!!! El Jannah are great! I need to try out Emma's Snack bar - can't remember if I have or not

  6. That cake looks amazing! I've had a bit of a craving for cake lately, and haven't found any that even look like they'll satisfy it. This looks like it would be in the running though. Haha.

  7. It is a hard time for the hospitality industry. Same here but if anything we have intensified our efforts to cook our own food to minimise the risk from outside sources.

  8. Tough times for many in the hospitality business and you are well-placed to support. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek #200. Next week, the optional prompt is 32/51 Why Did I? 10.8.2020. I look forward to seeing you then too. Denyse.