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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Mental Health Day

On Tuesday I was very stressed so yesterday I took the day off. After the wonderful day on Cockatoo Island last week, I headed to the MCA to see their offerings for the Biennale of Sydney, Nirin. It's a fabulous exhibition. I wore a mask but was the only one, so bare that in mind. However there weren't a lot of people so it was easy to space and avoid proximity to others.

I finished at the rooftop cafe (use the stairs not the elevator - that's my COVID tip), and took in my beautiful city that I've really missed this year.
After the afternoon kids biz, I headed to the Wednesday Club's Wine & Clay night, the second activity since lockdown eased. I made a planter so will have a pot to grow some herbs in hopefully, if it doesn't explode. It's fun to chat over an activity, with champagne and nibbles (my friend did the nibbles all in individual containers with lids so no aerosol risk, and no cross contamination, though no other groups seemed worried about this).
My husband was out so once home and  the kids in bed, I settled down to finish watching Cancelled. This is a really great webseries (honestly better than half the shows I'm watching on tv at the moment). It's filmed on a phone, in Spain during lockdown. It's all those feelings we felt and a real glimpse into life this year. Though in one episode they blew out the candles on a birthday cake and my first thought was "You can't do that!!". We are changed in so many tiny ways by all this...Anyway, I think they just won an award so definitely worth checking out.

From the chaos, so many wonderful creative things have occurred. The Prism will be dissolved for good at the end of August, so get in quick and have a play around. It's really fantastic with something for everyone. Three levels of music. theatre, circus, puppets and more. You don't want to miss it.

Yesterday was a really wonderful day. We need more of those.
What are you loving?

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  1. Wow, look at that view!!!
    And I love your pot! So clever.
    Happy Thursday #lovinlife

  2. I love those days off when everyone else is working. I did the same on Tuesday but took myself on a date to watch some whales. I love the concept of Nirin and am going to google that some really has me thinking.

    1. I love whale watching. There's something so thrilling and joyful about it!

  3. I cant wait to get to Sydney again and visit my daughter and wander around Sydney ...

  4. Thanks for sharing from the MCA. I have always visited when I am in Sydney. Great to see the views again too. Funny re elevator use, sometimes we have no choice and it felt weird at my surgeon's rooms last week when there were more than 2 of us in it. Some people just 'have no idea'.

  5. A perfect way to spend the day and a perfect way to relief the stress!

  6. Hi Lydia, I am glad that you could take a mental health day off work. Back when I worked I did a little myself. Mrs. Jim took more than I did. When we visited Sydney in January 2014 after an NZ-Tasmania and up trip. We had three whole days plus and just bummed around town. With the Senior Transportation ticket it was just great!!

  7. Great minds think alike with the Opera House today.

  8. I'm glad to hear you were able to enjoy an almost normal day out again, Lydia. I know most of us feel that the world has changed and then there are others who don't seem concerned at all. It is so confusing. Just keep staying healthy...that's the gola! I loved visiting Sydney--such a wonderful city!

  9. Beautiful photos and glad you took the day off!

  10. That hand made pot is definitely a keeper. Great views of the harbour. I have taken a couple of tentative trips into London. I have missed my regular visits so much but I am very cautious.

  11. Thank-you for sharing some of Sydney with this quarantined New Yorker! These pictures are fabulous!

  12. ...I can't count all of the things that I've missed this year, but I'm still here and that's what counts!!!

  13. Your city is beautiful for sure!

  14. Life looks a lot different when the rest of the world is working! I do love the idea of wine and clay making stuff :)

    I'm so excited to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking.