Sunday 16 August 2020

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Every year I take myself off to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. I just love the exceptional photos on display, and this year was no exception (there is a distressing one of a baby hippo being eaten by large male, so you might want to rush young kids past that). They are magnificent, as are the creatures and landscapes depicted in them.
If you haven't been, you have until January so prebook your tickets and head to the Sydney Maritime Museum.
While there, I popped up to the Sea Monsters Exhibition. (You have until October to catch it). Apparently the Plesiosaurs might have had such a long neck so that they could eat small fish without their big body scaring them away.
If got me thinking, if Plesiosaurs survived to live along side Mosaurs, could a rogue family have survived even longer in Loch Ness for the myth to be invented? Imagine if that was where that story began? Obviously the key word is imagine. But if dinosaurs have feathers and the Big Bang was started by the final spark of a previously existing galaxy dying out, why not? (Okay Science peeps, I know it's a long bow, quite probably way off target but I like the idea...I'm sure I have a children's book idea in there somewhere.)

Anyway, if looking for something to do, go and decide for yourself.
Note the Museum Store has a great range of gifts including conservation and plastic reduction items so well worth checking that out too.

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  1. It looks like images that could also fit into a Ripley's Believe, or Not? book or museum. How cool!

  2. I love that exhibition - and always used to go when we lived in Sydney. Some remarkable photography.

  3. If we weren't in Covid and travel restrictions, I'd be at the Sydney Maritime Museum in a flash. I've never been to this exhibition. I would love to see it. Can you tap me on the shoulder and remind me it's on next year?